Welcome to my blog! My Name is Alwayne, I’m delighted to have you here.

I’m a doodle lovers that is passionate about sharing my knowledge with new or experienced doodle parents. Doodle breeds are very well known to be intelligent, loving, hyper and very friendly.

So, if it’s a case where you are thinking of welcoming a doodle into your family, doodleexpert.com have all the information you will need to raise your pet with love and care. It’s safe to say that I years of experience in living with and caring for doodles.

There’s no doubt that all doodle breeds are different and they have different wants and needs. My aim is to empower both newbies and experienced doodle owners with useful knowledge that will make caring for your pet less confusing and more fun.

In order to learn everything you need to know about doodles, whether you have a Labradoodle, Cavapoo, Schnoodle, Cockapoo, Bernedoodle, etc we highly recommend that you continue reading just to stay updated!

Meet My Team

My Co-worker: Thomas Smith – Editor

Thomas Smith

Thomas has over 17 years of experience living and caring specifically for dogs especially doodles. He has owned many breeds of dogs over the years, but doodles is said to hold a special place in his heart.

As his friends and families started getting doodles of their own, Thomas would get a lot of questions about what breeds are good for a family.

Bernedoodles, Labradoodles, Maltipoos, Schnoodles, Cockapoos, Cavapoos are always at the top of his list, so he decided to share his knowledge with others by helping out to create Doodleexpert.com to share what he has learned over the years and to help answer your most asked about questions regarding Doodles..