Are Bernedoodles Aggressive? Learn The Facts Today!

When looking to purchase or adapt a pet the first thing you want to know is that dog breed aggressive? Though all dogs have different personalities than others, there are some that’s more aggressive than the rest.

When it comes to bernedoodles they are considered to be more on the gentler side. Most of the time you can expect a dog to be aggressive base on the environment they grow up in. Not only that, but not having enough human company during their early stage can also cause dogs to be aggressive. Loneliness tend to cause your dog to be more aggressive towards other dogs and human.

Are Bernedoodles Aggressive?

These dogs are considered to be more on the gentler side as they are known to be friendly, loyal, playful, and intelligent. Once they are given enough attention and play time they will actually remain calm and be the pet that you’ve always dreamt of.

Aggression is said to be the last complaint you can expect to get from bernedoodle. If it’s a case where they grow up in a healthy environment, there is no doubt that they will remain calm and gentle.

You find that bernedoodles enjoys playing with kids and this is because of their playful nature. This is one of the main reasons why most people with family are attracted to these dog breeds. Make sure that you take the time out to bring your dog’s on walks because bernedoodles actually enjoys taking a walk.

Bernedoodle Temperament

Are Bernedoodles Aggressive

You may have already know, but bernedoodle is known to be a combination of bernese mountain dog and poodle. These dogs are considered to be very intelligent, they are extremely loyal, and gentle.

One thing for sure is that bernedoodle do requires a lot of attention from its owners when compared to other dog breeds. It doesn’t how busy you are throughout the day, it is essential that you spend some time with your dog.

Bernedoodles are known to be quite affectionate with their owners and can actually get along quite well with other pets in the household once they have a proper understanding. Bernedoodles are said to be on the more intelligent side and can eventually be stubborn, with a mind of their own.

Bernedoodle lives plays a huge role with how they behave, especially if they are not properly trained and allowed by their owners to continue with this unwanted behavior. It is safe to say that the environment your bernedoodle lives will definitely tell how their temperament will be. Once your bernedoodle is in a loving and welcoming home, with a caring owner, the less likely they will become aggressive.

Are Bernedoodle Puppies Hyper?

Even though Bernedoodles on known to be on the calmer side, it is not the same for their pups since they tend to have a lot more energy. Their pups are normally playful and affectionate. Though they can sometimes be relaxed, they still find plenty of time to have fun because of how energetic they are.

Bernedoodles are so sweet and loving. They always enjoy having the attention of their owner and those within the household. These pups tend to get unhappy whenever they are left alone especially for a long period of time.

Base on their personality, we don’t think the bernedoodle pups are hyper and fussy in anyway. They are always calm and once something isn’t causing a problem to them, they tend to stay that way.

Are Bernedoodles Friendly?

As you can see, bernedoodles are an amazing dog breed that’s definitely worth being apart if your family. There is no doubt that these dogs enjoy having their owner company at all times. Most of the times you will find that they are very friendly and loyal. This is why we recommend having bernedoodle as part of your family.

Due to the fact that bernedoodles are relax and laid back most of time, you don’t necessarily have to worry about them being aggressive. They actually love being in the presence of their owner and playing with them.

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