Are Bernedoodles Smart? Everything You Need to Know!

Bernedoodles also commonly known as Bernese Poodles , Bernese Mountain Doodle and Bernese Mountain Poo is considered to be new to the market when it comes to mixed breed dogs. Due to the fact that these dog breeds are new to most people, owners tend to be concerned about Bernedoodle’s intelligence, temperament and trainability.

What is a Bernedoodles?

These dogs are considered to be a hybrid of a poodle and a bernedoodles mountain. Bernedoodles are extremely friendly and they will keep your company while you go on your daily walk. We love how obedient they are and playful which means that you’ll hardly get anytime for yourself or even have anytime to feel lonely.

The younger ones can easily be trained as they are more prone to learn commands. Bernedoodles are smart, playful, and even loyal at the same time. They even have a tri-colors coat which consist of black, brown and white. The cold weather doesn’t really affect these dogs as they have double-coated fur.

Are Bernedoodles Smart?

Are Bernedoodles Smart

Bernedoodles are said to be extremely smart and this has a lot to do with either combination of genes which stems from the poodle and bernes mountain dog. The only drawback is that they can be a bit stubborn, but once they get over it, they can be quick to learn basic commands and eager to make their owners feel loved.

Are Mini Bernedoodles Smart?

It might sound a bit surprising but it’s safe to say that mini Bernedoodles are actually smarter than the standard Bernedoodles. They are more prone to interact in certain situations compared to the standard ones. Because of how smart these dogs actually are, you can easily train them since they are easy to learn.

They tend to learn at a fast rate and will always be excited for training. Apart from that they are extremely energetic and will do whatever they can to please their owners. This is why they are so famous among many people.

It is easy to train the females ones since they are more responsive during training. The reason for this is because the female Bernedoodles tend to mature a lot faster compared to the males. We highly recommend training these dogs at an early stage.

What is the Bernedoodles Intelligence Ranking?

Even though Bernedoodles are considered to be smarter than most dog breeds, they are not among the top 10 smartest dog breeds. The good news is that they are apart of poodles bloodline which is ranked on the list as second in the world.

Are Bernedoodles High Maintenance?

These dog breeds are extremely smart. As mentioned above, Bernedoodles actually get their smartness from their poodle blood line and their loyalty from Bernedoodles mountain blood line. Even though they are smart, they are not smart as poodles.

If you should compare it to other dog breeds, they are much smarter. There are a saying that stated that the smarter the dog, the higher the maintenance will be. Since Bernedoodles are smart dogs, they will need high-maintenace.

Are Smart Dogs Harder to Train?

The short answer is no. The smarter the dog the easier it will be for you to train them. It’s well known for smart dogs to be more interactive with humans which means that they are easier to learn commands during training. This makes it easier for you to train your dog and the training session should be shorter.

So basically smart dogs are easily trained. If it’s a case where your dog isn’t that smart the training session will be a lot more difficult as they are far less interactive.

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