Are Cavapoos Good With Cats? Tips to Keep Them Together

Cavapoo is a very intelligent dog. They are an amazing dog breed for families. You’ll find that cavapoos are friendly and mostly calm. There personality is on another level compared to other dog breeds. So, you can expect to always get along with people. However, what about cats?

Are Cavapoos Good With Cats?

You will be surprised to know that cavapoos do get along quite well with cats. It tend to has a lot to do with the friendly nature of cavapoos and this is what allows to get along with other pets especially cats. If it’s a case where you could bring both pets into contact in a controlled environment, then you would be surprised to see their reaction.

Yes, we all know that each cats and dogs have different personalities and this has a lot to do with their parents. If it is possible you might want to know how they were raised and their social experiences.

How to Introduce Your Cavapoo to a Cat?

Are Cavapoos Good With Cats

In order to ensure that your cavapoo gets along with cats is to monitor their first encounters. Here are several things you must take into consideration just to make sure that things goes well.

  • Keep Your Cavapoo Leashed: the first thing you want to ensure is that your cavapoo is properly leashed so that you can control how close he comes to your cat. Over a period of time you can loose the leash a bit to give him more room until it is time to get rid of the leash altogether.
  • Choose the Right Location: location is key which is why we recommend choosing a location where both pets will be comfortable and safe at the same time. We don’t recommend using your cat favorite place as a location for meet because he/she will probably want to go there as a place to hide when it is time to do so. We think it would be best to choose a location that has furnitures with height so that your cat can have a place to climb if things doesn’t goes as planned. The most important thing is to make sure your cat has a place to retreat if there is any form of aggression from your dog.
  • Boundaries is Important: there’s no doubt that your dog will be curious once they encounter the cat especially if they have never seen a cat before. At this point your dog will want to have face contact with your cat to check them out, but you may find your cat starting to swipe at your dog just to keep him away. There is nothing to worry about since this is not necessarily a bad thing.
  • Encourage Proximity: in order to know if your cavapoo and your cat get along well, you have to bring them close to each other and see how well they react. What you can do is have your dog sit next to you while your hands are running across is hair just to make him comfortable, then invites your cat into the room and allow them to decide if it is safe to get neck to each other. If your cat is afraid to approach you then you can try another time, but if it continues, then you may want to find another way to encourage proximity.
  • Give Them Time: if things aren’t working in your favor then it is best to give them time to think and get comfortable. Sometimes it may seems like you are just forcing things between the two which is why giving them space is very important and something you should do.

Do Cavapoos Like Cats?

The thing is that cavapoos are loving and playful dogs so I can guarantee that they will get along well with your cats at home. They can be a great playmate so if it’s a case where your cats enjoy plaging, they will definitely have company to do so with. Because of cavapoos nature, you can expect them to behave well around other animals even if they were not raised together.


As you can see, it’s pretty much find to have a cavapoo and cat within the same home because both will definitely appreciate each other company. Cavapoos are extremely friendly, loyal and playful and because of their personality you can’t expect nothing than a playful dog around your cats. However, before letting your dog loose, you should make sure that you introduce him to your cat properly just to ensure that they are on good terms.

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