Are Cockapoos Aggressive? Things You Should Know

Well, not all cockapoos are aggressive. In fact, some breeds are known as being more docile than others. For instance, Poodles can be very friendly with people and animals alike. Conversely, Labradors have a tendency to become aggressive with other dogs in the household if they feel like they are being threatened or challenged.

What’s interesting about cockapoos is that they are very social animals. They like to be around people and even other animals, especially dogs.

It is a commonly held belief that dogs have different personalities depending on the breed. Of course, expert dog trainers will say that it all comes down to the owners. The better trained a dog is and the more disciplined it is, the less chance they have of acting aggressively toward either humans or other animals.

But don’t let their perky personality fool you they can pack an aggressive punch. Previous research has also revealed how their behaviour could be affected by their environment.

For instance, in one study, several dog breeds were exposed to the scent of an unfamiliar male dog. There were noticeable differences between dogs of the same breed, with some displaying aggressive and dominant behaviours while others became submissive.

Cockapoos Aggression With Other Dogs

It doesn’t really matter the dog breed, once you have a dog that isn’t allowed to spend time wither other dogs, once they are confronted by other canines, you can expect them to become a bit aggressive or timid, which can sometimes lead to aggression.

With that said, if your cockapoo doesn’t have experience when it comes to interacting with other dogs, when it is time to meet other canines, we highly suggest that you monitor the dogs very carefully. There are lots of cases where the cockapoos actually gets shy and allow the other dog to sniff him around until the dog leaves or sometimes try to play.

However, that’s not always the case because you have dogs that might start showing timid behavior but turn out to be really aggressive. Things may even turn out for the worst if your cockpoo go ahead and snap after the other dog which result in retaliation occurring.

This is why we think it’s a good idea to expose your dog to other dog breeds so that they can get social and learn how to Properly interact.

Seek Professional Help

Are Cockapoos Aggressive

If you have already speak with your veterinarian about your cockapoo aggression situation and you’ve found that it doesn’t have any connection to do with pain and you don’t have a clue on getting the issue dealt with, then the best thing you can do at this point is to get profits help.

You should definitely contact a professional trainer that knows how to solve these aggressive behaviors. While your training will have the right skill set in order to get rid of your dog aggressive behavior, you’ll also need to play a part from time to time in practicing with your dog.

In other to find a professional dog trainer, you may want to look at The Associations of Professional Dog Trainers.

10 Things to Know About Cockapoos

  • The cockapoo is the result of a cross between the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle. The two breeds were originally bred with different purposes: The poodle was bred to work, while cockers were bred to hunt.
  • The cockapoo is a very active dog. They have an unflagging desire for exercise. They are small enough that they can join you on walks or even hikes but don’t try to take them jogging with you they need their own form of exercise, which includes swimming and fetching balls. They also do very well in agility training and obedience activities.
  • As far as the grooming goes, this dog is considered one of the easiest to care for. They need loofahs and bath towels, but they don’t scratch much. You can let them get their hair all over the place, and they won’t complain.
  • Cockapoos come in a variety of coat colours, many of which are combined with particolored markings such as white feet or bits of black on their tails. The most popular pattern is the solid black and white, but other combinations such as roan and tan are also popular.
  • These dogs are great with children. They are very gentle because they were bred to be companions, but they also have an instinctive protective nature toward children. Their small size makes them child-friendly.
  • Cockapoos can be very dog-aggressive, although they tend to be more friendly with other pets in their own homes such as cats and hamsters. They may not like other dogs that you bring into your home but react differently depending on the situation and the dog.
  • The cockapoo has an average life expectancy of 12-15 years. This is the same as larger breeds, so there is no real advantage or disadvantage when it comes to how long your dog will live with you and your family.
  • During some periods of high demand, these dogs can be difficult to find in many areas. This can be due to the fact that breeder dogs are often sold as pets rather than used for breeding. Because they are so affectionate and friendly, they make good pets for families.
  • Cockapoos are small dogs weighing around 15 to 30 pounds in adulthood. Their coats can be curly like a poodle’s, or they can look like they have straight hair from much of their father’s genes.
  • Unlike some other breeds of dogs, cockapoos are considered a good companion for single adults that don’t have a lot of time for a dog because of work or studies. They are easy to train and can learn tricks quickly.


A aggressive cockapoo as a lot to do with the environment that they are in. If it’s a case where you have adopted a cockapoo, then you might have a few things to overcome due to the fact that you don’t have the dog’s background.

However, once you take the time out to follow what we’ve mentioned above, then you should be good to go.

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