Are Cockapoos Easy to Train? A Beginner’s Guide

Cockapoos are one of the newest dog breeds in the world. Mixed with poodles and cocker spaniels, these intelligent, loving dogs often make excellent family pets. They can also be trained to be one of the most intelligent working dogs you’ll have ever seen. But even though they’re the newest breed on the block, Cockapoos are the easiest breeds to train.

Dogs already housebroken often find it easier to learn how to do basic commands, such as walking on a leash, sitting, and staying. With the right tools and treats, you’ll be able to teach your Cockapoo. This article explores simple tricks on training your Cockapoo in no effort or much time.

Are Cockapoos Easy to Train?

Yes we strongly believe that cockapoos are easier to train compared to most other dog breeds out there. Due to the fact that these dogs are extremely smart, you can expect them to learn new things relatively quickly.

Training a cockapoo will vary base on the owner experience with training and the consistency that comes with getting the job done. With consistency your dog will be following your commands within no time.

Cockapoo Are Intelligent

Intelligence makes it easier to train your Cockapoo, as he can think independently and understand concepts easily. With the right tools and treats, you’ll be able to teach your Cockapoo basic commands while having fun at the same time.

Cockapoos Are Playful and Energetic

Even though they have most of the basic commands already known by trainers, it takes less time and effort to teach these basic commands compared with many other breeds. These are dogs that will entertain you with their tricks and games, not to mention that they’re very physically active.

Cockapoos Are Social

Since most Cockapoos are already friendly, cooperative, and family dogs, it’s quite easy to get them accustomed to people and other pets in your home. With application few tricks, you can easily teach him how to heel on a leash and sit down when greeted by guests.

Tips For Training a Cockapoo

Are Cockapoos Easy to Train

1. Teach Him How to Behave in Public

Cockapoos are great with people, but they can be very demanding. Training your pet to behave and learn a few commands while in public will prove a great life skill. Cockapoos are usually friendly, but you should teach them how to act in public.

2. Train at Young Age

Introduce them to basic commands when they’re still puppies or young dogs. These include sitting, staying, and heeling with you on the leash. If you have the time, consider enrolling your pet in obedience classes or reading up training books for dogs that you can use at home.

3. Use Treats and Rewards

Cockapoos have a lot of energy, so balancing that with relaxation is essential. This means keeping your pet busy with a few tricks, games, and commands around the house. You can use treats as rewards to better reinforce your lessons.

4. Teach Him How To Walk On a Leash at An Early Age

This is especially important for those who live in areas where you can walk your dog outside. It’s an excellent exercise that helps you bond with your pet while getting fresh air and taking care of yourself at the same time. Simply attach his leash and let him wander while you hold onto the handle. It’s also a good idea to start your training well before taking your dog outside.

How Long Does It Takes to Housetrain a Cockapoo?

It tends to vary base on the person who is training the cockapoo. If it’s a case where you are consistent and always working, then the process will take a few weeks.

The average time it will actually take to housetrain Cockapoo can be three months. However, depending on how fast your dog learn it can take up to six months.

The age of your dog will play a huge role in the amount of time it takes for your dog to be properly housetrained. This is why we think it is best to strain housetraining your dog right after it comes into your home as apart of your family.

Benefits of Housetraining Your Cockapoo?

It’s best to know that are a wide range of benefits that comes with housetraining your young pup. When it comes to you teaching your dog to come when being called or stay at a certain area, you are just helping your dog to stay safe.

It might be that you live in a busy neighborhood where vehicles are always passing by or you just don’t have a fence around your yard. This is why your dog should be able to follow commands because it is very important so your pup can know when to come and when to stay.

These commands are very beneficial to those who enjoy removing their dogs from leashes while they are at the park or simply walking on the street.

These instructions are superb as it makes your dog feel more at homes. When you have a guest over whether it is for dinner or because of a function, whenever you tell your dog to do something, they should be able to follow through.

Apart from that, obedience training is another way of creating a strong bond between you and your furry friend. You can definitely create a certain trust and friendship with your Cockapoo while you layout instructions.


Are Cockapoos easy to train? It depends on the dog, but as long as you have the right tools and treats, you’ll be able to train your pet with little effort and no sweat. That’s something you can share with your friends.

Many of us cannot wait to train our beloved pets. Training dogs is one of the best and easiest ways to show them their place in this world. As they are brilliant, they can learn a lot by following some simple commands. These five training tips will help you teach your dog how to behave and stay obedient.

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