Are Cockapoos Friendly With Other Dogs? Learn More

Its always good to do some additional research before leaving two dogs in a room together because you never know what might go wrong. Some dogs will seem extremely friendly with humans but it’s the opposite when it comes on to other dogs. Cockapoos are overall really friendly and energetic which makes them great family dogs.

Cockapoos aren’t aggressive to other dogs but there are things that may trigger aggression from them, today we’ll go though so you’ll know what to look out for and how to correct this behavior.

Are Cockapoos Friendly With Other Dogs?

Are Cockapoos Friendly With Other Dogs


Cockapoos are very friendly dogs so naturally they love being around humans and other dogs alike. Cockapoos come from cross breeding the Cocker Spaniel with the Poodle so we can thank them for how friendly the Cockapoos are. Some people have even recommended getting another dog for your Cockapoo to have someone to play with if you aren’t home alot or have the time.

Though they are friendly dogs they still might have times when they become territorial or protective of their family. You should be cautious when you first introduce another dog to your Cockapoo because of that. We recommend introducing them on neutral grounds so the Cockapoo doesn’t get territorial and after they become acquainted you bring them both inside.

Apart from the initial introduction of both dogs and them getting acquainted you shouldn’t have any issues as Cockapoos are loving dogs. Cockapoos are perfect family dogs because of these traits and because of this people would normally just get another so the pair can keep each others company.

What to Do With Unfriendly Cockapoos?

Even though Cockapoos are generally friendly dogs, there are some that are a bit more aggressive. This can be because of how they’ve been raised and the training of the owner or it can be a dog that wasn’t exposed to others humans or dogs. If you realize that you Cockapoo is starting to behave aggressive to people or other dogs its best to try to correct that behavior from early out.

Cockapoos aren’t naturally aggressive dogs so there must be a cause such as anxiety, frustration or not being exposed to people or dogs. In order to correct this behavior we recommend you follow the below steps:

  • Observe & Keep Calm – You’ll need to figure out what might be causing your dog to be behaving aggressively so you’ll need to observe to see what is triggering it so instance. Observing to see if its when it tries to move its leg it starts being aggressive, this would show that pain is causing this and you’d have to take your dog to the vet. You’ll also need to remain calm with no sudden music so it doesn’t turn its attention or lunges at you. The solution might not come right away so its important to be calm and patient.
  • Finding out what your Cockapoo needs – There are alot of different possibilities that could be causing your Cockapoo to behave aggressive so simply observing alone might not find the answer. Sometimes it can be something small as just wanting attention so we’d recommend trying to pet them and do it softly just incase it has an injury you don’t know about, try to rub it gently all over and look for injuries. Other possibilities could be your Cockapoo being possessive, territorial, hungry, protective, anxious so it’s important to take a look into each.
  • Training/Visiting the vet – If you’ve checked all the areas you can and your Cockapoo is still aggressive we would recommend taking your Cockapoo tot eh vet to get checked on to see if their healthy. IF the vet finds no medical issues it would be time to seek professional help in getting your dog trained. You can do this yourself with resources available to you online but it takes a lot of time and patience because every dog is different.


Overall Cockapoos are well behaved and friendly dogs that are great for the family. Cockapoos go great with other dogs we just recommend that you monitor them closely when first introducing them to eachother, apart from that we would definitely recommend getting your Cockapoo another friend. Even if they may show a little aggression there are many training exercises that you can go through to correct hat issue.

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