Are Cockapoos Good Apartment Dogs? Learn The Facts

Cockapoos are famous apartment dogs, and for a good reason. They are small, low-maintenance dogs that don’t require a lot of exercises. Cockapoos also tend to be amiable and social animals, making them great companions for people living in apartments.

However, before you decide to bring a cockapoo into your home, it’s essential to consider whether or not the breed is a good fit for your lifestyle. Cockapoos are active and playful, so if you’re looking for a low-key pet, this may not be the right breed for you.

Are Cockapoos Good Apartment Dogs?

Top reasons that make cockapoos good apartment dogs:

  • They are small and low-maintenance.
  • They don’t require a lot of exercises.
  • They are amiable and social animals.
  • They are easy to train.
  • They are good with children and other pets.
  • They are adaptable to a variety of living environments.
  • They are relatively affordable to own.
  • They have a long lifespan (12-15 years).

How to Ensure Your Cockapoos Adapt Well in the Apartment?

Are Cockapoos Good Apartment Dogs

  • Dedicate time to play with them; it is essential to ensure that you have adequate time to play with your cockapoos. This can be done indoors in your apartment.
  • Make sure they get enough exercise-while cockapoos don’t require a lot of exercise; it’s still important to make sure they get some outdoor time. An excellent way to do this is to take them for walks around the neighborhood or park.
  • Ensure they have a safe place to play-all dogs need a designated place to play and explore. This can be a dedicated room in your apartment or a fenced-in backyard.
  • Regular vet checkups are important-just like with any other breed of dog, it’s essential to make sure your cockapoos see the veterinarian regularly for checkups and preventive care.
  • Ensure you bathe and groom your Cockapoo. Regularly bathing and grooming your cockapoo will help keep them healthy and look their best. It also ensures that your pet fits well in your apartment and doesn’t shed too much.
  • Train your cockapoo to adapt to the environment-training your cockapoo to adapt to their environment will help them feel comfortable and confident in your apartment. Basic commands such as sit, stay, come, and down can be taught relatively quickly.
  • Ensure that all dangerous items are out of reach-keeping dangerous items such as household cleaners and medications out of reach can help keep your cockapoo safe.
  • Ensuring your apartment is “cockapoo-proofed” can help ensure that your pet feels comfortable and safe in their home.
  • Dedicate a special place for your pet-just as you would for any other pet, it’s essential to have a designated place for your cockapoo to sleep and relax. This can be a special spot in your bedroom, living room, or outdoor kennel.


Are cockapoos good apartment dogs? The answer to that question is yes-provided you are willing to dedicate time and effort to make sure they adapt well to their environment. With a bit of preparation, your cockapoo can feel right at home in your apartment and provide you with years of companionship. They are also friendly and low-maintenance dogs that will fit well in your space.

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