Are Cockapoos Good With Cats? Learn The Truth

Sometimes having both dogs and cats can turn out to be a handful depending on the breed that you choose. Cockapoos however are one of the friendliest breeds there are because they don’t just get along with cats but pretty much any other animals.

Though they are friendly they are also very curious and energetic so its not as simple as just leaving them together and they’ll start to bond. Getting them to really coexist within the same household will take training and the level of training needed always varies depending on the dog.

We definitely wouldn’t want them making a mess chasing each other all day. We’ll be going through everything you need to know before you can leave you cat around your Cockapoo without having to worry.

Are Cockapoos Good With Cats?

Are Cockapoos Good With Cats

Alot of people may believe that dogs will naturally be hostile around cats just based on instinct but this is false. Though some dog breeds may seem to carry a hate for cats but its just the hunting instinct in some dogs that tend to let them try to go for prey, so its not just cats but if they were to see a squirrel they would be just as aggressive. Even so there are various ways that you can train your dog to be more comfortable around cats and avoid showing aggression towards them.

When it comes one to Cockapoos they are quite energetic and curious so best they’ll be all around the cat trying to play or trying to sniff it. To be fair they’ll be all over pretty much anything that moves if they aren’t trained properly. Even without training in regards to being hostile around the cat you won’t have to worry about that though you still might so it trying to chase your cat.

How to Introduce Your Cockapoo to Your Cat

When initially bringing your cat around your Cockapoo it might be a suspenseful moment because we always want them to be bestfriends but it will take time so don’t be too anxious. Its not advised to just bring them together without having some idea on how to contain them if things go bad though Cockapoos aren’t the aggressive type. IT would be best to bring them somewhere with open space so where there are not distractions that might set them off.

We recommend that you make sure to give your Cockapoo some basic training so they’ll obey basic commands like sit, stay, down or heel. This is good because it keeps you in control if they begin to get too excited and giving commands in a firm voice can sometimes calm them right down. Because cats aren’t normally the friendly type it would be advised to kindof restrain your cat so it doesn’t try to scratch your dog. Restraining them would allow the dog to get accustomed to the cats smell vice versa so they can start to adjust to each other.

You can first introduce them them gradually bring them around each other until they start to accept each other. Its important to correct any bad behavior from early out when you start to bring them around each other. You should be assertive but also you should be rewarding when good behavior is displayed on both sides.

How Long Does It Take For Cockapoos to Get Used to Cats?

Its important that you be patient and not try to force them unto each other because that might backfire and lead to them not getting along. Instead give them time to find common ground and for them to grow unto each other they time it takes for them to get along may vary. Typically this may take two to three weeks or even a month depending on the personality of the dog.


Cockapoos are really loving dogs so I wouldn’t expect any problems on the dogs part when introducing them to cats. It’s important o monitor your cat when bring them around each other because more aggressive cats might try to scratch your Cockapoo. These kind of things take time so its important to be patient with them and just continue to give them love and they’ll be great with each other.

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