Bernedoodle Having Diarrhea – Things You Need to Know!

As a dog owner one of the worst thing you can experience is your bernedoodle having diarrhea. If you have a dog, you will at some point experience diarrhea and in some cases it may happen on a regular basis.

For most veterinarian, diarrhea is said to be one of the most common thing they see on daily basis. Sometimes your dog diarrhea situation may be something that is easy to fix while there are cases where it is a more serious health issue.

The sad news is that chronic or extensive dog diarrhea can be a bit frustrating for both the dog owner and the veterinarian because these treatments are more expensive and difficult to solve.

Food That Leads to Diarrhea

Bernedoodle Having Diarrhea

Milk is one of the main culprit behind diarrhea and it usually caused by milk and diary products. The number one milk that you should avoid giving your bernedoodle is the ones that contains fat. The thing is bernedoodle find it difficult to actually process fat and fatty milk and diary products can result in your dog health issues.

There’s no doubt that bernedoodles drinking milk can even cause vomiting and decreased in appetite. Apart from milk there are other foods that can cause diarrhea to occur. You should always consult your vet before introducing any new food to your bernedoodle as it might lead to diarrhea as well.

There are cases where people uses more nutrition than the required amount for their puppies and this sometimes lead to diarrhea. You should also keep in mind that food allergies can be responsible for your dog having diarrhea. The main reasons behind this happening is protein sources like chicken or even beef.


When it comes to treating your bernedoodle you should try and get it done as soon as you can to avoid severe issue from happening. The thing is that diarrhea symptoms usually disappear within a day. Once your bernedoodle is experiencing diarrhea it is best to provide them with enough water as this will prevent dehydration from happening. After a day have passed, you can now give your dog a small quantity of food so that they can be energized.

In situations like these foods such as white rice, yogurt, cottage cheese, oatmeal and any other food that contains protein is good.


The thing is that diarrhea isn’t something that you can entirely prevent. However, there are things you can do to actually lesser the chance of your dog having diarrhea such as avoiding table scraps, human foods, diary products, and letting your dog’s eat materials outdoors.

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