Can a Schnoodle Live in an Apartment? Get The Facts

If it’s a case where you are looking to own a schnoodle yet you are wondering if they are good apartment dogs, you may want to continue reading.

It’s safe to say that Schnoodle can live in apartments regardless of their size. It’s best to keep in mind that these dog breeds makes good indoor pets due to the fact that they are intelligent which allows them to adopt to their environment quite well. However, you should take the time out to make sure your furry friend is housetrained, regularly exercise and properly groom which will help them to accommodate the environmental more easily.

As you can see, Schnoodle can easily get used to living in a apartment but there are some things you may want to take into consideration before taking your dog to his new home.

Can a Schnoodle Live in an Apartment?

At any moment you choose to live in a apartment you should take the time out to ensure that your dog’s lifestyle is suitable for that small space that they will be living in.

Though there are somethings that you may not notice during the time living their with your dog, their emotion might be a factor. The thing is that lots of dog begins to get sad whenever they are living in a small space. The worst case scenario is your dog being depressed.

The good news is that Schnoodle are not like this as they adopt well with living in a apartment. One thing that plays a major role with Schnoodle living in a apartment is the fact that they enjoy being around their owner.

We appreciate the fact that these dogs tend to bond quickly with their owners. So, because of their love for you, they will want to be around you as much as they can. This is why Schnoodle will not have a problem staying in a apartment or even a condo.

Can a Schnoodle Live in an Apartment

Train Your Dog For an Apartment

Even though Schnoodle tends to adopt well with apartments, there is still training that you can take into consideration to ensure that your dog does a wonderful job while living in a apartment.

Let Your Schnoodle Get Comfortable With Surrounding Noise

It is very important for your Schnoodle to desensitize to sounds around them. The reason for this is because Schnoodle are easily alert which means that they will notice anything that seems to be off. This is what enables them to be easily startled.

At any moment there is noise outside your Schnoodle will begin to bark which can be quite annoying to neighbors. In order to prevent this from happening, you’ll need your Schnoodle to get used to different noises.

The most effective way for this to occur is to bring your furry friend around different people. By simply having people around and getting used to noise will allow your Schnoodle to become desensitized to sounds.

Learn Indoor Exercises

You don’t necessarily have to take your poodle outside or have a big space to teach your dog indoor exercises. The thing is that your Schnoodle will need to release some energy so that they can stay happy and active.

There are a wide range of exercises you can do inside such as nose tricks. You should take the time out to learn new indoor exercise and do just that with your furry friend.


The good news is that you can train your Schnoodle not to bark when there is no reason to do so.

When you’re living in a apartment with your dog and he’s constantly barking it can be disturbing to your neighbors. At any moment, you see your dog perking up, make sure to stop him before he starts to bark. Once he have refrained from barking, you can provide him with some form of treat for good behavior.

House Training a Schnoodle in a Apartment

This is without a doubt one of the first thing you’ll want to do when you’re planning on living with a schnoodle in a apartment. You definitely don’t want to have any form of mess over your apartment. You should ensure that they have a designated spot where they can go to take a pre or poo when necessary.

At any moment you notice your Schnoodle about to squat, you may want to scoop them with as quickly as possible with their bottom tucked and place them on a potty pad or get them to their designated spot. You should teach your dog where to go when need to get things done and whenever they do so make sure to provide them with a reward.

Is It Cruel to Keep Schnoodle in an Apartment?

There are some people who actually think that keeping a Schnoodle in a apartment is cruel and don’t recommend doing so. Well, we don’t think it is cruel to keep your Schnoodle in a apartment. The fact that these dogs are intelligent and does a wonderful job at adopting says much. It’s best to know that a lot of schnoodles actually enjoy living in a apartment as long as they have their owners living there as well.


Schnoodles are known to be excellent apartment living dogs. However, in order to ensure that your dog’s are comfortable living in a small space, their are several things you may want to do. Though they will require mental and physical exercise, you can expect them to remain loyal while living in a smaller space with you.

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