Can Bernedoodles Eat Cat Food? Learn The Facts!

It might be a case where you have a bernedoodle and you’re wondering if it’s safe to feed them cat food. While cat food cannot cause any harm to your dog, it is something that you shouldn’t practice to feed them on a regular basis. This is why dog food is different from cat food because they both eat different things.

In this article, we are going to explain everything you need to know about bernedoodles eating cat food and whether or not it is safe for them to eat.

Can Bernedoodles Eat Cat Food?

Yes, you can definitely feed your bernedoodles cat food without it causing any problem but the thing is that it doesn’t actually meet their dietary requirements. It’s best to keep in mind that cats are carnivores which means that they only eat meat, while on the other side dogs are omnivores meaning that they eat meat and vegetables. This is why they should only be fed on the food that were made specifically for them.

If it’s a case where you’re out of dog food at the moment, then there’s nothing wrong if you decide to give your dog cat as long as it is not permanent. However, the best thing you can do is consult your veterinarian for advice regarding the situation.

What Happens if My Bernedoodles Regularly Eats Cat Food?

Can Bernedoodles Eat Cat Food

Even though eating cat food won’t necessarily cause any harm to your dog, feeding it to them will not give them the right amount of nutrients. It may result in your bernedoodle facing several issues such as obesity, upset stomach and pancreatitis. Another thing you may want to take into consideration is the fact that cat food actually has higher protein levels which can affect your dog’s kidney and liver.

As mentioned above, you must first contact your veterinarian before feeding your dog any form of cat food just to be on the safe side.

How to Prevent Bernedoodles From Eating Cat Food?

If it’s a case where your dog have made it a habit to constantly steal food from your cat food bowl, then there a few tricks which you can try to discourage them from doing so.

The most effective thing you can do is feed your cat and dog in separate rooms as this will help to put distance between both of them. When placing your cat bowl make sure that it is a bit higher out of your dog reach. The reason for this is because adult cats can easily reach higher grounds without any issue.

Another thing you might want to do is install a crate for your cat as it will help them to have peace when it comes to meal time.

You should also take the time out to teach your dog the “leave it” command. Once you’ve teach them, you can introduce cat food and constantly repeat it until they start to follow your command.

Can Bernedoodles Eat Dry Cat Food?

It’s safe to say that cat kibble and cat biscuits can be a much healthier alternative treat for dog’s rather than feeding them peanut butter, cheese, etc.

But as you may already know cat food was designed to satisfy cat’s nutritional requirements rather than dog’s in general. With that said, dry cat food is great for cat whose teeth is much sharper and thinner and will not do a good job when it comes to cleaning a dog’s teeth.

Can Puppies Eat Cat Food?

There shouldn’t be any problem if your puppies decides to eat some cat food from time to time. The problem is when you decide to feed them cat food on a regular basis as a replacement for regular puppy food. It’s best to keep in mind that puppies definitely needs a nutritional balance diet suitable for their overall growth. If you continuously feed your bernedoodle cat food it can cause them to become overweight leading to musculoskeletal problems.


We don’t think it would be a good idea to feed your bernedoodles cat food because it doesn’t add any nutritional value to them. This is why you should try your best to keep cat food out of your dog’s reach and if it’s a case where you think your dog have eaten a large amount of cat food, then you should consult your veterinarian as soon as possible.

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