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Let’s start by saying that bernedoodles are known to be inside dogs which means that they are mostly indoors. However, there are some dog owners who choose to leave their bernedoodles outside and the reason for this is because the dog might be making a mess inside or there isn’t enough space to actually keep them inside.

It’s safe to say that bernedoodles can stay outside for sometime but they were not bred to live outdoors so you shouldn’t allow them to. The thing is that they can’t tolerate the cold or hot weather and they may eventually develop separation anxiety as times goes by.

Can Bernedoodles Live Outside?

No we don’t think it would be a good idea to leave your bernedoodles outside because they were bred to be family dog’s and they would much appreciate being on the inside.

With that said, you can allow them to stay outside for a while, but we only suggest doing so for a short period of time. But, you shouldn’t allow them to live outdoors even if you are planning on providing them with a dog house it is still not a good idea.

Also, whenever you are planning on leaving your dog outside make sure that you keep an close eye on them just to ensure that everything is going fine.

Why You Should Not Leave Your Bernedoodle Outside?

Can Bernedoodles Live Outside

Even if you are leaving your bernedoodle outside you shouldn’t leave them for too long because they might be at risk especially if they are not being monitored. Here are several risk your dog might face:

Dog Getting Too Hot

The thing is that bernedoodles cannot tolerate the hot weather and the reason for this is because they doesn’t have sweat glands which prevents them from regulating their body temperature. It might be a case where your dog coat is too thick causing them to become overheated easily.

This is why you should never leave your dog outside for too long especially during the summer time. It will be too hot for them which might result in a heat stroke. There are several signs to look out for such as drooling, excessive panting, dizziness, etc.

If it’s a case where your dog is getting too hot while outside, you might want to bring them inside just to cool him/her down.

Dog Getting Too Cold

Not only is it hard for bernedoodle to tolerate hot weather, but they cannot tolerate cold weather either. The thing is that there thin coat may not be enough to keep them warm.

So, if it’s a case where you’ve leave your dog outside for too long during the cold season, it might result in them being sick with frostbite and hypothermia.

If somehow your Bernedoodle starts to shiver, bark loudly or have a decrease in energy, then they might be too cold. So, if your dog is getting too cold while being outside, then you might want to bring them inside as soon as possible.

Separation Anxiety

It’s best to keep in mind that bernedoodles are highly social and enjoy the company of other dog’s and humans. So, if you have leave them outside for too long, they might develop separation anxiety which can take a toll on your furry friend.

Dog Might Get Stolen or Run Away

This is one of the main reason why we don’t recommend leaving your dog outside especially if your property isn’t secure enough to protect them from intruders who might attempt to steal them.

The thing is that bernedoodles are expensive dog breeds which makes them the perfect target for robbers. As you can see, it’s never a good idea to leave your dog outside.

Apart from that, your bernedoodles might attempt to escape while they are outside, especially if they starts to develop separation anxiety.

Guide to Leave Your Bernedoodles Outside

If it’s a case where you are planning on leaving your furry friend outside for some time, then there are several protective measures you might want to take into consideration just to ensure that they are safe.

Provide Your Dog With Proper Shelter

The first thing you may want to do is ensure that your bernedoodle have proper shelter or a dog house to protect them against the cold or hot weather conditions.

Make sure that the shelter is big enough to keep them comfortable while they are inside. You can even spread a blanket on the inside just to make it more comfortable with a few dog toys.

Provide Your Dog With Enough Water and Food

Another thing we recommend doing is to provide them with enough water and food just to ensure that they doesn’t feel hungry or thirsty, especially if you’ll be gone for some time.

Make sure that the dog food and water is in a location where they can easily locate it.

Keep An Eye On Your Dog

You should keep an close eye on your bernedoodles while they are outside to make sure everything is fine since leaving them outside will definitely put them at risk.

So, we highly recommend that you checkup on them every once in awhile even if it’s just by looking through the window. If you will not be home, then you should ask someone to give an eye on them.

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