Can Cavapoo Eat Bananas? Get The Facts

The good news is that bananas are not known to cause any negative reactions or even be toxic like other fruits would. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t any form of risk that comes with eating bananas. Due to the fact that bananas are considered to be high in sugar and carbs, you should only feed your cavapoo in moderation.

In this article, I’m going to explain how and when to treat your dog to this tasty fruit without your dog experiencing any form of digestive upset.

Can Cavapoo Eat Bananas?

Yes there is no doubt that your cavapoo can eat bananas and I can guarantee that they will enjoy doing so too. Even though dogs in general doesn’t get the full nutritional benefit that comes with eating bananas as us humans do, bananas are still beneficial and can be an amazing treat for dogs.

The thing is that bananas are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals like magnesium, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C. It’s also said to be rich in dietary fiber and low in cholesterol and fat, which why most people enjoy giving their dog bananas instead of salty, fatty treats.

Are Bananas Bad For Cavapoo?

Can Cavapoo Eat Bananas

Though bananas are great for cavapoo they are known to be high in terms of sugar and starch. For example, one medium sized banana contains about 14g of sugar and 6g of starch. Feeding your dog too much bananas can eventually lead to your dog having diabetes and becoming obese.

However, if it is a case where your dog have ate a whole banana, you don’t have to worry, the thing is that banana peel isn’t toxic to dogs either. You may find some pets to be allergic to eating bananas.

If somehow your dog have never eaten bananas before, then you can start out by giving him a small amount and keep an eye out for any form of allergic reaction symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, difficulty breathing, itching or hives. If you notice your dog experiencing any one of these symptoms, you should stop from giving them bananas and consult your veterinarian for advice.

If your furry friend is suffering from diabetes or an underlying condition with his kidney, then feeding them with too much can lead to hyperkalemia, which can cause disorientation, weakness or even collapse. So, if your dog is diabetic or has high blood pressure, you might want to prevent them from eating bananas entirely.

We always think it is wise to consult your veterinarian before adding anything new to your dog diet. Your veterinarian will inform you on how to safely add bananas in your dog diet.

How Many Bananas is Too Much For Your Cavapoo?

We think it would actually be good to give your dog banana as a form of treat. What you can do is feed them 2-3 small pieces as this should be enough for your young pup, while bigger dogs on the other hand can eat half a banana a day.

The thing is that smaller dogs in general should have a diet that helps with their overall growth, so the best thing you can do is to consult your vet before feeding your dog bananas.

You should always follow the rule when it comes to your dog’s diet. It is safe to say that 90% of your dog’s diet should consist of regular food, while the other 10% should be treats.

Can Cavapoo Eat Banana Peel?

Let’s start by saying that labrador retriever have always been given banana peel as a form of toy. However, when it comes to giving smaller dogs such as cavapoo, it is not recommended unless you are planning on keeping an close eye on your dog. If it’s a case where your cavapoo have mistakenly eats a banana peel by accident, it may lead to them choking or cause indigestion to happen. We don’t think it is wise to add banana peel in your cavapoo meal or given as a treat.

How Should You Feed Bananas to Your Cavapoo?

Before you even consider giving your dog bananas to eat, the first thing you may want to do is consult your veterinarian. Since they are the expert at what they do, they will inform you on the amount you should feed your dog which has a lot to do with their weight and needs.

Once you’ve received the go ahead from your vet, then you can start feeding your dogs and there are several ways in which you can do so.

What you can do is freeze them, take your time and peel them, then simply cut them up and feed your dog as a refreshing frozen treat. This is especially important during the hot summer day.

You can also mash them up and stir it into your dogs food. Your dog might enjoy this new flavor to their food and find this to be tasty as well.

Another thing you can do is crush the bananas and stuff them into the toy, Kong puzzle feeder. This is also effective when it comes to giving your dog mental and physical stimulation.

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