Can Cavapoo Eat Tuna? Everything You Need to Know!

By now you should know that fish plays an important role when it comes to having an healthy diet and us humans doesn’t seems to get the right benefit because we don’t eat enough fish. It’s pretty much the same for dogs, when eating fish they will receive protein, omega 3 and nutrients that will definitely help them to stay healthy.

In order to ensure that your cavapoo is getting the right amount of fish, you might want to provide them with a seafood snack to supplement their diet, such as dried sprats which is considered to be a great alternative to dog treats or occasionally you can take the time out to mix fish with their dinner. But, is it safe to feed your dog fish?

Can Cavapoo Eat Tuna?

Yes, it’s actually safe to feed cavapoo tuna but you should only feed them in moderation. Like manyh fish out there, tuna is known to be a good source of protein and omega 3 which are very essential to keep your dog healthy.

However, when feeding your furry friend make sure not to do so on a regular basis or even in large amount since it can lead to a build up of mercury over a period of time, which can result in your dog having an long term health problems. Even though mackerel is said to contain mercury, it is still not as much as tuna.

Let’s make it clear that some dogs food on the market is said to contain tuna as an ingredient. As you can see, tuna is pretty much safe dogs to eat, just that too much can cause them to develop mercury over time. If it’s a case where you want your dog to have fish as part of their diet, you should probably opt for dog food containing fish within it.

Also, you should keep in mind about the kind of tuna you are planning on feeding your poodle with.

Can Cavapoo Eat Canned Tuna?

Can Cavapoo Eat Tuna

If you are on a tight budget then feeding your dog canned tuna is the way to go. These types of tuna is said to be meat from Albacore and Skipjack species of tuna. Skipjack is considered to be the better option for your cavapoo since it is very much lower in mercury.

The only downside is that Skipjack is a bit high in salt which isn’t good for dogs in general. It may be a case where you can find canned tuna that doesn’t contain salt and these are definitely the better choice for your furry friend.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some tuna is cooked or infused with herbs and spices. While this may be an tasty option for humans, you should never feed your cavapoo any form of tuna that has additional seasonings and spices as it can cause illnesses.

Can Puppies Eat Tuna?

You should actually wait a while before introducing your puppies to tuna. The resson for this is because they need to grow up more and there are puppies food out there that provide them with all the health benefits they need. Providing them with the right amount can be a bit tricky because of their size.

How Much Tuna Can I Give My Dog?

The good news is that tuna is safe for cavapoo to eat when given in moderation due to the fact that it can contribute to them having mercury.

So, make sure to only feed them a small amount. When introducing your furry friend to any new food make sure they receive a small amount, and watch them to see if there is any signs of illnesses.

If it’s a case where you have a larger size dog, you should not give him more than one can if tuna over the course of a week just to be on the safe side. On the other hand, smaller dogs should eat even less. Giving them a spoonful of tuna in their dinner every now and then just to prevent any harm from happening.

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