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It’s safe to say that there are lots of human foods out there dogs can safely eat without experiencing any serious health issues, but it’s pretty much the safe as there are some foods out there they cannot eat as it will cause them to be sick.

With that said, chocolate is one human food that you should never offer your furry friend as there are many risk that comes with eating it.

Can Cavapoos Eat Chocolate?

No we don’t ever recommend giving your cavapoo chocolate due to the fact that it is considered to be toxic to them. If somehow your dogs have eat some chocolate then it may cause them to get sick and may suffer from chocolate poison.

In severe cases it may even become fatal. The risk of how severe your dog becomes has to do with the amount the consume, the kind of chocolate they ate and their body size.

Even though chocolate is toxic to dog’s, there are some dogs owners who admitted to regularly feeding their furry friend human chocolate. While a small piece of chocolate won’t necessarily cause any harm to your dog, you should never feed them on a regular basis. It is said that regular exposure to chocolate can result in your dog developing an acute heart failure.

Is Chocolate Bad For Dogs?

Can Cavapoos Eat Chocolate

Yes, chocolate is without a doubt bad for dogs in general. If your cavapoo eats some chocolate, they are definitely at risk of chocolate poisoning, also refer as theobromine poisoning.

It’s safe to say that chocolate are bad for dogs as it contains two methylxanthine alkaloids, known as caffeine and theobromine. As you may already know, caffeine plays a role in stimulating the nervous system and the theobromine tend to have a similar effect as well. What these chemicals does is increase your heart rate and blood pressure and they will eventually affect your dog in the same way too.

Why Can I Eat Chocolate But My Dog Can’t?

The thing is that us humans tend to metabolise things differently from dogs. Humans body actually works completely different because things that’s toxic for dogs will not affect us us in any way. The reason for this is because humans has the ability to metabolise things quicker that it doesn’t cause any illnesses.

Another thing is that theobromine isn’t just toxic to dogs, but other animal species as well. Let’s not forget that it is also toxic to humans in high doses, it’s just that we don’t eat enough for it to actually harm us. But, there’s no doubt that if you eat plenty of chocolate in one sitting, you’re likely to feel sick even if you are not poisoned.

The fact that dogs doesn’t have the capability of metabolise theobromine as quickly as we can, it tend to stay in their system for over 24 hours. Another thing is that dogs are known to be smaller than humans, so they eventually have a lower tolerance for chocolate. What this means is that it doesn’t take much chocolate in their system for them to feel sick.

Signs of Chocolate Poisoning in Dogs

It’s best to keep in mind that symptoms of chocolate poisoning can vary in severity. The most common symptoms that your cavapoo is likely to face is diarrhea and vomiting. These symptoms are likely to occur a few hours after eating chocolate. Other symptoms include:

  • Tremors
  • Seizures
  • Increase urination
  • Restlessness
  • Heart failure
  • Panting
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Death

After eating chocolate you should keep an close eye on your cavapoo for at least 24 hours to make sure everything is fine and they are not displaying any signs of illness.

However, if your dog begins to show any signs of being poisoned, then you may want to visit your local vet as soon as possible just to be on the safe side.

Can Chocolate Kill Dogs?

Not only can chocolate cause your dog to feel ill but it can also be fatal depending on its severity. According to the Veterinary Poisons Information Service, out of 1,000 dog chocolate toxicity cases recorded, only five dogs died. It is also said that many dog chocolate toxicity cases go unreported meaning that the figures should be more.

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