Can Cavapoos Eat Grapes? Learn The Truth

Onething for sure you’ll notice about dogs is the fact that they love to eat human foods and there are a wide range of fruits and vegetables that they can safely eat without having any issues. While some can be extremely delicious and beneficial for your dog, other fruits and vegetables can cause serious harm over a period of time.

If it’s a case where you are wondering if cavapoos can eat grapes, then the answer might be a bit surprising. It is said that both grapes and raisins are bad for dogs in general. They may result in your dog having severe reactions and may even lead to death.

In this article, we are going to explain everything you need to know about cavapoos and grapes and why isn’t it good for them.

Can Cavapoos Eat Grapes?

Can Cavapoos Eat Grapes

No, we don’t think it would be a good idea to give cavapoos grapes or raisin to eat, it doesn’t matter the amount that you’re feeding them, you should avoid doing so in general. It is said that the reason behind grapes being toxic for dogs is quite unknown, nor is the amount that you can feed them. You’ll find some dogs to experience more severe reactions than others depending on their overall health before consuming the grapes.

We don’t know much about grapes and their toxicity and the thing is that a lot of people tend to leave a bowl of fruits including grapes on their counter or table. In order to ensure that your cavapoo remains safe, it would be best if you remove the grapes from their reach. If somehow your dog’s have access to it, they will eventually try and reach for it since they love to eat what us humans eat.

What If Your Cavapoo Eats a Grape or Raisin?

If your cavapoo eats grape or raisin and somehow they left untreated, then they are prone to have kidney failure, which can actually lead to death. At any moment your dog eats a grape or raisin then we highly recommend that you take action quickly and visit your veterinarian to resolve the issues. Your veterinarian may start by inducing the vomiting. You shouldn’t try to induce the vomiting if your dog is having a hard time breathing or showing signs of being shock.

During this time your dog may begin to experience other illnesses, so we think the best thing you can do is to consult your veterinarian if you are not positive about your dog eating grapes or raisin. Once you visit your vet they will know the procedure to take which will result in how they treat your little friend.

How Many Grapes Can Cavapoos Eat?

We don’t recommend giving your dog’s any form of grapes to eat and if they have accidentally ate one, you should take them to your local vet as soon as possible.

Also, body weight is a very important factor when it comes to dog eating grapes. For larger dogs, eating one or two grapes may not be harmful, but it is sad to say that even one grapes could result in acute renal failure in a smaller dog. A cavapoo or yorkie might have a much lower tolerance to the same amount of grapes as a large dog, like a rottweiler or german shepherd. And some large dogs will react to very few grapes.

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