Can Cavapoos Eat Raw Meat? The Shocking Truth

The thing is that raw food diet have grown to be very popular in recent years. The popularity behind raw food actually came from pet owners feeding their dog foods that is closely to what they would eat if they were in the wild.

When it comes to raw diet it may include uncooked eggs, raw fruits and vegetables and the list goes on. Even though you’ll find some dog’s that enjoy eating raw meats, you will also find some that won’t be interested in eating it. There are lots of factors that comes into play when it comes to providing them with raw meats including your dog’s body and the type of meat that you’re feeding them.

Can Cavapoos Eat Raw Meat?

Yes absolutely they can. It is safe to say that raw meat is what your dog’s is built to feed on, so you won’t have to worry about your dog getting ill after eating. Another thing is that raw meat is known to be easily digest and feeding your furry friend raw meat based diet can help your dog to receive all the nutrients that he needs to keep going.

Let’s put it this way, your dog would be eating raw meat at the moment if he was currently in the wild trying to survive. Though he may eat some fruits every now and then, raw meat would definitely the first choice.

Is a Raw Meat Diet a Balanced Diet?

Can Cavapoos Eat Raw Meat

There’s no doubt that you can make raw meat diet be easily balanced in order to meet your dog’s complete nutritional needs. The biggest myth you’ll probably hear from pet food companies is that raw meat diet isn’t balanced and because of this your dog will not receive all of their nutritional requirements.

Feeding your cavapoo raw meat diet isn’t just about providing your cavapoo with only meat. This can mean that your dog’s receive a variety of foods so that they can get all their nutritional requirements. You can also add bones, organ meats, whole foods, etc. All these will definitely play a role in keeping your dog healthy.

Is Raw Meat Good For Cavapoos?

Although there are lots of pet food companies out there that doesn’t recommend giving dogs raw meat to eat, other raw foods such as certain fruits and vegetables are safe and even healthy for dogs to consume.

There is no doubt that your dog may enjoy eating a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, including apples, bananas, carrots, etc. Before giving your dog’s these fruits and vegetables we highly recommend that you wash them properly and make sure they are properly inspect and put together before feeding your dog.

Although these foods are safe for your furry friend, you should always take the 90/10 rule in consideration. What this means is that 90 percent of your dog’s daily calories should come from them having a complete and balanced diet, while the other 10 percent can come from you giving them treats, which consist of fruits, vegetables, etc. What this does is reduce the risk of upset stomach and also obesity.

Can a Dog Get Sick From Eating Raw Meat?

You don’t have to worry because your dog isn’t likely to get sick from eating raw meats. There have been lots of news going around making dog owners scared about salmonella and other pathogenic bacteria.

Let’s not forget that dog’s digestive system is capable of fighting off bacteria in the gut without they having any issue. The thing is that a dog body is capable of handling bacteria such as salmonella. Due to the fact that dogs tend to have highly acidic stomach, they’ll be able to process salmonella and other bacteria without actually becoming sick.

You will also find some dog owners to be concern about the bacteria within their household, especially children. But there’s no difference in regards to you preparing meat for your family, so all you need to do in cases like this is to practice properly hygiene. You can start by cleaning utensils, dishes, and surfaces used to prepare the dog foods. Also, when buying food for your dogs, make sure it is from reputable source.

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