Can Cockapoos Drink Milk? The Shocking Truth

Just as there are some foods that not everyone eat, there are foods that are harmful to some dogs but others eat it without an issue. Its important to get to know your cockapoo so you don’t accidental feed them anything that might be too harmful to them.

Milk is seen to be very healthy for humans but that doesn’t mean it has to be for Cockapoos. Today we’ll be going through whether your Cockapoo should be given any milk.

Can Cockapoos Drink Milk

Can Cockapoos Drink Milk

Milk has a very high amount of lactose and this is what the problem really is because not everyone can digest that enzyme. When dogs are lactose intolerant and drink milk it will just go through their digestive system without being digested and this pulls water from the colon and start to ferment and this will cause it to have diarrhea or vomiting.

While there are some dogs that have no issues digesting milk and begin to love it, there are some that are lactose-intolerant and aren’t able to digest the milk. This is a very important factor that you’ll need to know because drinking milk can cause vomiting and your dog may even get pancreatitis from taking in too much fat.

While some may just have a little gas that you can just wait out. Some dogs that are lactose intolerant can’t eat any dairy product such as cheese or even yogurt. At the end of the day it might not be poisonous to Cockapoos but it can be a bit of a problem.

What Should I Do If My Cockapoo Drinks Milk?

If by any chance your Cockapoo drinks milk and is lactose intolerant you should give them lots of water to keep them hydrated. You’ll need to monitor your Cockapoo for up to 12 hours to see how his body reacts so we’d recommend bringing them outside on a leash after they’ve had it because they might experience vomiting or diarrhea if they have an high reaction so it’d be best to be outside for that. If your Cockapoo does have a high reaction we recommend that you contact your local vet right away for them to advise you and to see if you should take them in for a visit.

Not all Cockapoos are lactose intolerant so you might just experience really mild symptoms or none at all. If your dog shows no symptoms then its okay to give them a small amount of milk as a treat now and then but not too often, even though they haven’t showed any signs at first symptoms can still develop and also milk has a sugar level so it wouldn’t be healthy.


We would always recommend that you either don’t give them any dairy product at all or take the time out to check if they are lactose intolerant by giving them a small amount to test the reaction in a controlled environment like even your backyard, you could simply just give it to them and just check on them throughout the day.

If your Cockapoo isn’t lactose intolerant then they shouldn’t have any issues having other dairy products so you can also give them a treat. We don’t recommend giving your Cockapoo alot of this because milk might be healthy for us but it can be to high in sugar for them.

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