Can Cockapoos Eat Cucumber? The Solid Truth

We all know that cucumbers are amazing food for humans to eat, but is it safe for cockapoos? It’s best to keep in mind that dogs in general have susceptible digestive systems and there’s no doubt that some foods can be harmful for them.

In this guide we are going to explain everything you need to know about treating your cockapoo with this tasty vegetable.

Can Cockapoos Eat Cucumber?

Can Cockapoos Eat Cucumber

The short answer is yes, cockapoos can safely eat cucumber without it causing or triggering any illnesses. There’s no doubt that your furry friend will surely enjoy consuming this tasty, watery treat during a summer day.

The good news with cucumbers is the fact that it contains a lot of healthy nutrients such as vitamin C, B, K, copper, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. One thing for sure is that this vegetable consists of almost 95% of water that can help your dog’s to be hydrated relatively quickly.

On the other hand, veterinarian suggested that your dog overall diet should be at least 10% in terms of vegetables or fruits. This is why you should introduce cucumbers to your cockapoo’s and make it to be apart of their diet.

When feeding cucumbers to your cockapoo make sure to do it in a moderate amount depending on their body weight, size, etc. If it is a case where you’ve never given cucumber to your cockapoo then we recommend introducing it slowly by replacing some other food in their diet.

Can Eating Cucumbers Be Dangerous For Cockapoos?

Even though cucumbers are known to be on the safe side and mostly consist of water, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be dangerous for your dog to eat. It somehow your dog eats too much cucumber it can lead to him/her having upset stomach.

With that being said, some parts of the cucumber can be harmful for your dog such as the seeds and peel. So, before giving your cockapoo cucumbers to eat, make sure that it is properly peeled and remove all the seeds from it just to be on the safe side.

If it’s a case where your dog has sensitive stomach, he may experience diarrhea or even some form of vomiting, that’s if he overeat. We also think it would be a good idea to slice the cucumber in small pieces as eating bigger sizes can be a form of choking hazard for your little friend.

How Can I Feed Cucumber to My Cockapoo?

It all depends on what your dog likes, since you have the option to serve fresh or cooked cucumber. You should always ensure that your cucumbers are properly wash before even feeding it to your dog. Veterinarian stated that it is best to provide your dog with fresh cucumber due to the fact that it has more nutritional value. However, we don’t recommend giving cucumber pickles to your cockapoo. As mentioned above, make sure the slices are small enough to avoid choking from happening.

Can Cockapoos Eat Cucumber Skin?

Even though skins of the cucumber is said to contain most of the nutrients and vitamins, dogs in general tends to have a hard time when it comes to digesting it. Not only that, but cucumber skin is known to have a high amount of pesticides that are considered to be dangerous for pets to ingest. This is the main reason why we recommend removing the skin before feeding your cockapoos.

Fruits and vegetables, seeds are known to be extremely toxic, for example grapes. The thing is that there are no big deals with cucumber seeds. Though it is considered to be safe for dogs to eat cucumber seeds, we still recommend removing it because consuming a large amount if seed can eventually lead to sensitive stomach or even diarrhea.

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