Can Cockapoos Eat Eggs? Everything You Need to Know!

Are you wondering can Cockapoos Eat Eggs? The short answer is yes, Cockapoos can definitely eat eggs and it is considered to be an inexpensive nutrients to your cockapoo’s diet.

Benefits of Eggs For Your Cockapoo

Base on studies done by the American Kennel Club, dogs in general tend to benefit quite a lot from eating eggs and the reason for this is because it is rich in nutritious food that’s said to have protein, fatty acids, and amino acids. It is even considered to be an good source of vitamin A, B, B2, B9 as well as B12.

Not only that, but eggs are a good source of essential minerals such as irons and selenium. With all these benefits that comes with eggs not only is it actually inexpensive food source, it is also considered to be an healthy one.

Risk of Feeding Your Cockapoo Eggs

Can Cockapoos Eat Eggs

The good news us that you’re allowed to feed your cockapoo both cooked and raw eggs. However, there are a handful of cases where dogs tend to eat raw or uncooked eggs and it lead to them catching bacteria such as coli and salmonella.

But if it is a case where you want to feed your cockapoo raw egg in order for them to receive the complete nutritional profile, then you may want to purchase only free-range, organic eggs from people you can trust. We also suggest that you ensure the eggs are intact and stored properly before serving them to your dog.

How Many Eggs Should a Cockapoo Eat?

Well there are a wide range of factors that can contribute to the amount of eggs a cockapoo eats such as the amount of exercise your dog gets, tolerance level and what the main duet consists of.

There are even cases where cockapoos are allergic to eggs. While it’s not something you’ll see quite often, it does happen. So, if you ever see your dog vomiting, having diarrhea or developing any form of rash, then they may be allergic to eating eggs.

Before making any changes to your dog diet, it is always best to consult your vet for recommendation. However, if you are considering giving your cockapoo eggs to eat, then you can give them between 2-3 eggs per week. You should always provide your dog’s with eggs in moderation and make sure to keep an eye on them to ensure that they are not allergic.


There’s no doubt that eggs are good for cockapoos to eat. Even though there are some concerns when it comes to feeding raw eggs to your dog’s, it all depends on the individual and whichever they prefer to serve fresh or raw eggs.

When purchasing eggs always make sure you do so from a trustworthy source and store them in a cool and dry area for safe keeping. Also, you should monitor the amount of eggs you feed to your cockapoo and just to be on the safe side make sure to give your veterinarian a call for advice.

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