Can Cockapoos Eat Raw Meat? The Truth!

We all know that dogs in general loves to eat meat, there’s nothing better than giving your dog a piece of chicken or a slice of steak. But, is it actually safe to feed Cockapoos raw meat?

The truth is that raw meat is on the rise these days, so it’s pretty much safe for dogs to eat raw meat. However, there are some veterinarian out there that doesn’t encourage the idea of feeding dog’s raw meat. So, what’s the answer and why everyone has different opinions towards it?

In this article, I’m going to explain whether or not it is safe to feed your Cockapoos raw meat.

Can Cockapoos Eat Raw Meat?

Yes, it is safe for Cockapoos to eat raw meat. The thing is that raw meat can make a healthy treat or even be used as a nutritious ingredients in your dog’s diet due to the fact that it is a unprocessed source of protein.

The thing is that your dog can digest an entire meat much easier than meat that is known to be highly processed that are been used in dry kibble food. Another benefit that comes with unprocessed meat is that it contains all the essential amino acids your dog actually needs to stay healthy.

It’s best to know that whole and unprocessed meat doesn’t mean it has to be raw. Cooked or air-dried whole meat is considered to be a highly nutritious source of protein and is very much easier for your furry friend to digest.

The biggest drawback is that not all dogs will do well with eating raw meats. There are dogs out there with sensitive stomachs making them unable to digest raw food very well, and it can result in them having gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhea and gastroenteritis.

With that said, we don’t think it would be a good idea to give puppies or older dogs raw meat because of their undeveloped and weakened immune systems are considered to be less effective at fighting off any foodborne bacteria or infection found on raw meat.

Is Raw Meat Good For Cavapoos?

Can Cockapoos Eat Raw Meat

Although some veterinarians doesn’t think it would be best to feed dogs raw meats, we actually think it is good to feed them raw meat since it can provide your dog with all the nutrients he needs to remain healthy. Raw meat is definitely something your dog would eat if he was living in the wild, hunting for his own food.

Is a Raw Meat Diet a Balanced Diet?

Yes, it can definitely be balanced to meet your dog’scomplete nutritional requirements. One if the biggest myth is that raw meat isn’t a balanced diet which is not true.

Well, it is definitely true that only feeding your dog a juicy steam won’t be enough to meet his nutritional needs, but this isn’t necessarily what a commercial prepared raw diet or properly formulated homemade diet is about.

When feeding your cockapoo a raw food diet, there should be a variety of things in their meal to ensure that they gets all the nutrients their body required. Make sure to add bones, organ meats, essential fatty acids and whole foods.

Raw Meat and The Risk of Infections

Just like us humans, dogs can also be affected by a wide range of foodborne infections or parasites. The thing is that raw meat has a higher chance of having these issues compared to other foods and eating it can result in your Cockapoo getting sick. This can eventually range from mild illness up to life threatening.

Another thing to keep in mind is that anything that comes into contact with infected meat will also become contaminated, which means that it can be spread throughout your home causing you to become sick. Handling the raw meat, letting your dog lick your face, cleaning up his feces or touching any contaminated surfaces will definitely increase the risk of infection.

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