Can Labradoodles Eat Almonds? Things You Should Know

Almonds are known to be an healthy snack for us humans. You will even find that almond butter, milk and flour are often ingredients in baked cookies and bread. But what if my dog accidentally eats an almond that have mistakenly dropped on the floor? Can labradoodles eat almonds? Is it actually safe for them to eat?

Can Labradoodles Eat Almonds?

Can Labradoodles Eat Almonds

The short answer is no, you shouldn’t allow your labradoodle to eat almonds even though they might have ate one or two in the past and still feeling well.

While almonds aren’t known to be that toxic to dogs, they doesn’t work well with dog’s digestive systems and can actually result in obstruction. They can also lead to a choking hazard and other things that might cause danger to your dog’s health.

If it’s a case where you are looking for protein for your dog, then there are lots of other healthier and safer treats out there. Almonds is great for humans to eat and it should definitely stay that way. We always think it is best if you consult your veterinarian before sharing any kind of human food with your dog.

Why Are Almonds Bad For Labradoodles?

Even though almonds are not necessarily toxic for dogs to eat, they are said to cause a certain mold to appear known as Aspergillus mold, which is said to contain Aflatoxin. This substance can result in your dog being poisoned, as some dogs are actually affected by it.

Another thing we find is that some dogs are exposed to salt and other seasoning that is capable of harming your dog. It is safe to say that too much salt might cause water retention, which is said to be dangerous for dogs who are suffering from heart disease. Even though added seasoning may taste a lot better to your dog, having too much of it can cause gastrointestinal upset.

Even if you are trying to be on the safe side by providing your dog with plain, mold free nuts, there are still dangers lurking around due to the fact that almonds are high in phosphorus which can cause bladder stones to form.

You should keep in mind that dog’s digestive systems doesn’t really process the protein in almonds too well and this may lead to gastrointestinal blockage to occur. The hard nuts that is small in size may cause choking hazard in dogs who doesn’t like chewing before swallowing.

What Should You Do If Your Labradoodle Eat Almonds?

If it’s a case where your dog have ate one or two almond, then you don’t have to worry because that shouldn’t impact your dog’s health in a negative way. You should keep an close eye on your dog in case of any choking.

You should also take the time out to look for any sympathy of gastrointestinal blockage, vomiting, diarrhea or other digestive issues your dog might have been facing. If you notice any symptoms, the best thing you can do at this point is to consult your veterinarian for advice. However, if your dog doesn’t have any negative reaction after several hours, there is absolutely no cause for concern.

If your dog have accidentally eaten a large amount of almonds, you should visit your veterinarian immediately for assistance. If you are unable to visit and you call within 30 minutes of the incident, they will instruct you on how to Introduce vomiting in your dog. However, if the 30 minutes time has passed, then you should try your best to reach your vet.

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