Can Labradoodles Eat Cheese? Everything You Need to Know

It might be tempting at times to give your labradoodle a slice a cheese especially when they are there staring at you to toss it to them. But the thing is that, is cheese safe for labradoodles to eat? Well, as long your dog isn’t showing any signs of diary intolerance, giving them pieces if cheese here as a form of treat will not cause any harm.

So, should you constantly give your labradoodle cheese to eat? Before actually giving them, there are several factors that you should keep in mind such as their weight, and digestive health.

Can Labradoodles Eat Cheese?

Yes labradoodles can definitely eat cheese because it is not considered to be toxic for your dog. If it’s a case where your dog just had a small bite, then you don’t have to worry about anything strange happening, but if your dog is lactose intolerance, having too much cheese can eventually lead to health issues in dogs.

We also think it would be best if you consult your veterinarian before sharing any human food with your dog, including cheese.

Benefits of Cheese

Can Labradoodles Eat Cheese

Let’s start by saying that cheese are loaded with a lot of nutrients including protein, calcium, phosphorus, zinc and vitamins A and B12. Most dogs tend to enjoy eating cheese and a lot of owners actually uses it as a form of training tool to train dog. There are even cases where you can use cheese as a way of masking medicine that you are having a hard time giving your dog.

Also you should serve cheese according to the size of your labradoodle and ask your vet if it is safe for your dog to consume cheese in their overall diet. Providing your labradoodle with a small bit of cheese can be helpful training rewards for them.

Cottage cheese is known to be a extremely healthy snack for your little friend but only in moderation. What you can do is mix cottage cheese with some cooked rice, as this can be a superb meal for your dog.

As you can see, not all cheese are actually created equal. Cheese that is considered to be low fat cheese such as cottage cheese, sofy goat cheese and mozzarella is said to be on the healthier side for dogs compared to the ones that contains higher fat content. When searching around for healthy cheese for your dog, make sure that you take the time out to look at the ingredients.

Lactose Intolerance in Labradoodles

It is safe to say that not all dogs are capable of digesting cheese well and even though when compared to milk cheese actually contain a small amount lactose. Dogs are who suffering from lactose intolerance may have adverse reactions to cheese even if they are given in small quantities.

What we recommend is that you keep an close eye on your labradoodle’s for any signs of upset intestinal especially if it’s your first time giving them cheese. We also think it would be a good idea to consult your veterinarian for advice about you introducing cheese to your dog’s diet.

How to Feed Cheese to Your Labradoodle?

Before feeding cheese to your labradoodle you must first consult your veterinarian for advice in order to know if cheese is safe for your dog to eat and the right amount that they should be given. Even a calcium packed treat like cheese is something great that should be factored into your dog’s overall diet.

When giving your labradoodle cheese make sure that it is a low-fat cheese, meaning that cottage cheese and mozzarella would be the ideal choice. If you have never given cheese to your dog, make sure that you give them in a small amount to see how they react. If they don’t experience any form of side effects like an upset stomach, you can continue feeding your dog cheese but only do so in moderation.

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