Can Maltipoos Eat Carrots? Yes, But Only In Moderation

We all should know that whatever we eat our Maltipoos will want a bite as well. Though this isn’t always good for your dogs because not because carrots are healthy for us means its the same for our dogs. We should always do our research before giving our dogs any new food to keep on the safe side.

Today we’ll be checking to see to carrots are as healthy for our Maltipoos as they are for us and also what is the best way to give carrots to them.

Can Maltipoos Eat Carrots?

Carrots can be a great treat to feed your Maltipoo as carrots contain a lot of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to your Maltipoo. Carrots have a very low calorie count and vets have even recommend feeding them cold or frozen to teething puppies to sooth discomfort. Along with the health benefits provided by carrots they also do a great job at improving your dogs dental health.

Carrots also offer a great amount of antioxidants that will be used as vitamin A. Carrots provide potassium, fiber, beta-carotene and other health benefits to your dogs.

Benefits Of Carrots To Your Maltipoo

Can Maltipoos Eat Carrots

  • Vitamin A – Carrots provide a large amount of vitamin A which can improve your dogs vision and support overall eye health. Vitamin A also helps boost your dogs immune system and promotes healthy skin.
  • High in Fiber – Because of the high amount of fiber found in carrots this can also be used to improve your dogs digestive tract and bowel movements giving them a healthy flow. Too much fiber isn’t good for your dog so try to feed them in moderate amounts.
  • Stronger and Cleaner Teeth – It’s always recommended to feed your puppies carrot because cold or frozen carrots. This is used to sooth pups that are teething and it will help maintain the teeth as they grow. Because of the texture of the carrot it can act as a polisher for your dogs teeth and the chewing promotes stronger teeth in dogs.
  • Low Calorie – Carrots don’t contain alot of calories so its always a good treat to feed your Maltipoos on without worrying about their weight.

Can Carrots be Bad For Maltipoos?

We’ve always talked about feeding your dog in adequate amounts to make sure your don’t overfeed your dog so regardless of what you’re feeding them moderation should be key. Though carrots are low in calories just as other fruits and vegetables they contain a high amount of sugar.

Because carrots are also rich in fiber, too much fiber in the diet at a time can lead to gas and upset stomachs in your Maltipoo. Other signs of too much fiber in the diet might also be diarrhea and vomiting. If experiencing any of these please contact your local vet for further information.

How to Feed Your Maltipoo Carrots

Because carrots contain cells that are covered by cellulose that dogs have issues breaking down. It’s not ideal for eating raw because they wouldn’t then get all the nutrients so its important to help your dog by breaking it down by either blending, shredding or cooking the carrots. The healthiest method of feeding your dogs carrots is by steaming it for about 10 minutes so it releases all the flavour and nutrients.

Another healthy method is by juicing the carrots and them giving it to your dog, when doing this you won’t have to remove the pulp as your dog will make use of it all. You can also use carrot to top other meals by shredding it and putting it on top or mixing it in with their food.


Because of the high sugar content and the overall great taste of carrots your Maltipoo will love eating it as a treat. Carrots also offer alot of important vitamins and that provide tremendous health benefits if given in the correct amount.

You should be careful in how much carrot you feed to your dog because its not healthy to feed your dog on too much because that will not be healthy to your dog. You can feed your dog raw carrots but the best way to do it is to either shred, cook or juice it then feed it to your Maltipoo.

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