Can Maltipoos Eat Cherries? Get The Facts

There’s no doubt that dogs have always had a thing for human foods, they are always curious on how it actually taste, which is why whenever your eating especially if the food smells good, they will sit and watch just to see if you would toss them any.

The thing is that not all foods are safe for dog’s to eat. Some foods are capable of causing upset stomach while others are dangerous to even cause poisoning issue.

Can Maltipoos Eat Cherries?

Yes if it’s a case where your dog is only eating the flesh of the cherry then that’s pretty much safe for them as cherry is capable of providing vitamins A and C, fiber and antioxidants, which are all beneficial for dogs. However, if your dog isn’t fed in moderation then the cherry flesh could result in upset stomach.

With that said, we don’t think it would be a good idea to give your dog the cherry pit, stem or leaves as they all contain cyanide. This is very much toxic for dogs especially if consumed in large amount. Though eating a single stem or pit isn’t enough to actually cause poisoning, we don’t think you should risk giving your dog.

Are Cherries Safe For Maltipoos?

Can Maltipoos Eat Cherries

The thing is that there are many different cherries out there such as black, bing, rainier and maraschino. Maraschino cherries doesn’t have any pit, but they do contain lots of sugar which isn’t good for dogs due to the fact that excessive amount of sugar can lead to serious health issues such as digestive upset, obesity, diabetes, and even cavities.

If you still think it is wise to provide your dog with cherries, then make sure that you take the time out to remove the stem, pit and leaves, just to be on the safe side. As you can see, this might take some time to do and at the end of the day, your furry friend won’t see much benefits from eating just a single cherry.

What to Do if Your Maltipoo Eats an Entire Cherry?

If somehow your maltipoo have mistakenly eat an entire cherry including the pit, stem and leaves, then you shouldn’t have to worry because one or even two cherries shouldn’t be enough to cause any harm to your little friend. The only thing you might notice is a mild reaction and upset stomach.

Even if it’s a case where dog have only eaten one or two cherries, you may want to look out for signs of intestinal blockage, such ad constipation, reduce in appetite and vomiting. Smaller dogs are more prone to experience intestinal blockage from eating a single cherry pit compared to larger ones, but you should definitely keep an eye out for larger dogs too.

If you’ve put down a few cherries somewhere in the kitchen and your dog have found and eat them, then there’s a possibility that your dog might have cyanide poisoning, which includes redness of the gum, shortness of breathe, and dilated pupils. Even if your dog isn’t showing any early signs if symptoms, you should still consult your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Are There Any Alternatives to Cherry?

The good news is that there are many different alternatives out there to cherry in which you can provide your dog with. You can give them apples, blueberries and mangos. Make sure that they are properly peeled, pitted and seeds are removed before feeding your dog.

If you want you can continue giving your furry friend just regular dog treats because your pup will be fine with it just the same as if they were to eat freshed fruits.

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