Can Maltipoos Eat Grape? Get The Facts

All dogs are very curious creatures when it comes on to food, almost all the time you get something to eat they’ll be right there just staring and begging for a bite. Sometimes its not such a good idea for them to be eating your food because not everything that is healthy for us is healthy for them so its always good to be careful.

Today we’ll be going through whether or not grapes are good for your Maltipoo and what to do in the case that they do eat it.

Can Maltipoos Eat Grape?

Fruits can be a real treat for your Maltipoo but not all of them are exactly good for them, you’ll notice that your Maltipoo might be enjoying fruits when you feed them but not all fruits are healthy for your dog.
Just like us Maltipoos need to eat healthy to grow strong so you’ll need to make sure that their meals are filled with vitamins and minerals.

Grapes on the other hand are completely off limits based on how toxic they are to your dog. No dog should be fed grapes regardless of the breed or what you hear you should NEVER feed your dog grapes. Even eating one grape to lead to kidney failure in dogs.

Are Grapes Bad For My Maltipoo?

Can Maltipoos Eat Grape

Grapes have always been bad for dogs because dogs have always reacted negatively towards them while humans eat it without a problem. There’s no concrete research that shows exactly why this is, some say its because of pesticides used on the grapes and some have said its in the seeds but whenever those factors are removed the result is still the same.

There have been people that claimed that they give their maltipoos grapes as treats in small amounts and they’re fine but it always depends on the dosage. Large dogs may be able to handle a small amount of grapes without any issues while giving that same dose to a small dog may lead to fatal illnesses can be from kidney disease to even kidney failure.

What to Do If My Maltipoo Eats Grapes?

If you find your Maltipoo eating grapes or if they have ate any grapes the first thing you’ll need to do is contact your veterinarian who will give you instructions on how to proceed. Most of the times the first thing they’ll do is suggest that you induce vomiting so you can try to let them clear the grape from their system. After this is done you’ll have to take them in for a visit because not much can be done without them taking a look at your dog.


Even though there are lots of things dogs can’t eat the best way to prevent any health issues is to know about what you feed them before you feed it to them, doing a little extra research always helps.

There are alot other fruits that we recommend avoiding such as apricots, raisins, tomatoes, cherries, avocado, dates and figs. Not all listed pose fatal harm to your Maltipoo but they all can have negative side effects.

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