Can Maltipoos Eat Rice? All You Need to Know

If it’s a case where you are sitting down eating rice and your maltipoo is constantly staring at you for some, but you start to wonder if it is actually safe to feed your furry friend rice to eat.

There are loads of benefits that comes with eating rice. The thing is you should know what type of rice is more suitable for canine. What you can do is continue reading to find out more about maltipoos eating rice.

Can Maltipoos Eat Rice?

Yes, there is no doubt that dogs can safely eat rice without experiencing any form of severe health issues. Even though white rice is a lot lower in nutritional value compared to brown rice. In terms of white rice it plays a bigger role on blood sugar than brown rice. If your dog is facing any health issues, then the best thing you can do is to consult a vet for proper advice.

Can Maltipoos Eat Brown Rice?

Can Maltipoos Eat Rice

Yes, it is quite safe to feed your maltipoo brown rice. When it comes to nutritional value, this rice offers way more value compared white rice. The biggest downside that comes with brown rice is the fact that it can be hard to digest. You will find it strange that most vets recommend white rice compared to dog’s that is suffering from gastrointestinal problems.

Is Rice Good For Maltipoos?

Let’s start by saying that rice is loaded with essential nutrients. Apart from that there are a huge difference between the different type of grain. One thing for sure is that brown rice is packed in vitamins and fibre compared to white rice.

With that said, your dog should receive all the nutritional value it deserves from their complete and balanced dog food. If you think it is best to share a small amount of rice when feeding your furry friend its complete meal is good.

If you should compare the two, it is said white rice cook a lot quicker than brown rice. Your dog even has a higher chance in terms of digesting. When feeding your dog whether it is brown or white rice, make sure to keep an eye out in case there is any negative reactions. Though allergic reaction is a bit rare, if you notice anything weird after eating, we highly recommend consulting your local vet.

How to Feed Rice to Maltipoos

Once you’ve taken the time out to decide which rice is the right choice for dogs. The thing is that when cooking for dogs you can actually go the shorter way. All you need to do at this point is to boil the rice in plain water, and don’t add any form of seasoning.

When feeding your dog’s we only recommend doing so in moderation. We don’t recommend feeding your dog rice no more than three times per week. If it’s a case where your veterinarian give you the go to feed your dog every day for a couple weeks, then you are good to.

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