Can Maltipoos Eat Salmon? Yep, Here’s Why!

Most humans tend to enjoy eating salmon because of its delicious taste and health benefits. So, you might be wondering if it is safe for your furry friend to eat salmon with you and you might be wondering if they will received all the nutritional benefits the fish has to offer.

While maltipoos will enjoy eating salmon because of its taste, that doesn’t mean that all salmons are good for them to eat. So, what you can do is continue reading to find out which salmon is right for your dog and the amount that is safe for them to eat.

Can Maltipoos Eat Salmon?

Can Maltipoos Eat Salmon

Yes, it is safe for your furry friend to eat cooked salmon and your dog will received all the benefits from it as you would too. You will find that most of the health benefits of eating salmon do pass on to your little friend.

Salmon is very well known to be a great source of omega 3 fatty acids, which plays a role in promoting a healthy skin and coat for your dog. Omega 3 is also beneficial for your dog heart and immune system.

Apart from that, even older dogs who is suffering from arthritis can benefit from eating salmon as it help with the reduction of inflammation and stiffness in the joint. Providing salmon for your dog to eat will help to develop their brains as well as help older dogs to concentrate better with whatever they are doing.

When is Salmon Bad For Maltipoos?

We don’t recommend giving your dog salmon if it is raw or uncooked. The thing is that salmon that’s raw and uncooked is considered to be poisonous to dogs and may even lead to death. Not only that, but uncooked salmon is said to contain bacteria and parasites which is without a doubt harmful to dogs. Even if you only give your dog a small piece of raw salmon, it can result in your dog being extremely ill.

What Type of Salmon is Best For Maltipoos?

There are a wide range of salmon to choose from the market such as canned, fresh, frozen, wild-caught, and farm raise. As you can see, there are lots of salmon to pick one from, but the thing is that which one is best to feed your dog with?

If you are thinking of the best salmon for your dog’s diet, then we strongly recommend that you go with fish from northern or southern latitudes. Base on studies, it is said that salmon from cold water marine environment actually have the most beneficial fatty acids because of the plankton consumed in their food chain. So, it doesn’t matter if it is fresh, canned, frozen, farm raise or wild-caught, the only matter is the origin of the fish.

How Much Salmon Can Maltipoos Eat?

You can definitely feed your dog a small amount salmon everyday without it actually causing any issues to your furry friend. In cases like these you should take the 10 percent rule into consideration when it comes to giving your dog treats because it shouldn’t make up more than 10 percent of your dog’s total daily calories.

Do Dog Food Contain Salmon?

There are actually some commercial companies that offers salmon dog food. You will also find that there are products out there that only contain salmon as a meat, while others have it has their primary protein but include additional meat too.

If it’s a case where your dog looks to be on the healthy side, then we don’t think it would be a good idea to change his diet since it is already beneficial. However, if your dog isn’t doing quite well due to health issues, then you can change around his diet to salmon food to see if anything changes.

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