Can Maltipoos Swim? Everything You Need to Know!

The short answer would be yes every Maltipoo has the ability to swim but not all will know how to do it right away. Maltipoos come from cross breeding two dogs but not both of these dogs like the water so its not a trait that they’re sure to inherit. Today we’ll be going through how you’ll know if your Maltipoos can swim and also what to do if they aren’t able to.

Can Maltipoos Swim?

Can Maltipoos Swim

Maltipoos come from mixing the Maltese with the Poodle and not both breeds like the water. Poodles were bred to be water retrievers originally but over time we made them house pets. Maltese on the other hand were companion dogs and they used to be brought on ships so they could hunt rodents.

When it comes on to if your Maltipoo can swim it’ll depend on what parent they inherit their traits from. Out of the same litter you might find the best swimmer you’ve ever seen and also one that is afraid of water so there’s no way to be sure.

Maltipoos get the physical traits from the Poodle that allowed it to be so good at swimming such as its webbed paws. All dogs have some degree of webbed paws to help them swim but Poodle have a bit more than most dogs, this gives them extra help when paddling. Maltipoos also have a single coat of thick fur.

For most dogs when you put them in water instinct will let them start paddling their legs so they don’t sink and that’s one way to tell if your dog is a naturally good swimmer. Only way to truly know if your dog can swim is to put them in water.

Teaching My Maltipoo To Swim

Not all dogs will know how to properly swim at first but with proper training you’ll be able to fix that. Maltipoos are smart dogs so you won’t even need a trainer to teach them to swim but you will need patience. Below are steps you can take to teach your Maltipoo how to swim:

Introduction to the water – Some dogs may be afraid of the water at first so its important to get over that fear first. You can take your dog to a river or pond and let them walk in the water or just place them down in it so they can get used to it. You should never just throw your dog in the water or release them in deep water, just because they are moving their feet doesn’t mean they’ll swim because they might panic and that could cause them to easily drown. It is very important to take things slow, some Malipoos will just start swimming from the first time but not all move at the same speed so.

Start in Shallow Water – Smaller dogs will sometimes be spooked by deep water so you should always start in shallow water because they’ll be more comfortable in the water if their feet are touching the ground. This helps get them comfortable with being in the water. Avoid doing this in water with strong currents because that can just make everything harder.

Encouraging Your Maltipoo To Go Deeper – Once they’ve got used to the water its now time to get them swimming, their body movement should kick in through instinct. Try allowing them to go further in the water by going out a bit deeper and then calling the Maltipoo to come to you should get them moving or you can try using their toy. You should give your dog alot of praise when they do start swimming to keep their confidence high so they’ll continue.


Its always a good idea to check if your dog can swim from early because it easier to teach them early. Swimming is a great activity for your dog by keeping them physically fit and and it also mentally stimulates them as well. All dogs have it in them to swim they just need a good trainer, alot of love and patience can help every time in teaching them to swim.

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