Can Schnoodle Drink Tea? Is It Safe For Them!?

There’s no doubt that tea is very well known for its health benefits which is why most humans tend to love drinking it. This is the main reason why some dog owners look to see if it is safe for them to feed their schnoodle tea whenever they are having upset stomach or just for comfort during cold weather.

Can Schnoodle Drink Tea?

Yes, you can definitely feed your schnoodle tea but you should only do so in moderate amount just to be on the safe side. Make sure not to feed them any kind of tea that contains caffeine. Chamomile tea is an example of this since it’s great for dogs to drink.

One thing for sure is that dogs are usually curious about the food and drinks that us humans consume on the table. They would like to have a taste of everything we intake. However, you should definitely be mindful about what you are feeding your dog because it can definitely take a toll on their health.

About Schnoodle Drinking Tea

Can Schnoodle Drink Tea

The fact that you enjoy giving your dog a taste of whatever you are consuming, you may want to be more careful going forward as some foods can be harmful for them. Feeding your furry friend tea may not be as bad as most people think and it is definitely not harmful either.

When giving your schnoodle tea we highly recommend that you go with black or green tea since these are known to be the best type. These tea can be easily found in supermarket. Green tea is known to contain lesser antioxidants, while black tea is said to have Camellia Sinensis leaves. The fact that tea is known to have antioxidants it actually reduce the risk of forming cancer cells.

As you can see, black and green tea isn’t only good for humans but for dogs as well. Not just because it has antioxidants, but it also plays a role i reducing inflammation of the liver as well as intestinal tract. This is without a doubt a great contribution to dogs who suffer from hepatis and enteritis.

It’s best to keep in mind that whenever you’re planning on giving your furry friend tea to drink, make sure that it doesn’t have caffeine since dogs in general are unable to consume high levels of caffeine. The good news is that giving them a cup of tea a day won’t necessarily cause any issue.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should never give your Schnoodle tea on a empty stomach. You should ensure that your dog have had something to eat. Though tea is beneficial, you should still moderate the amount that you are feeding just to prevent any form of health issue from occurring. There is no doubt that caffeine can be bad for dogs, so you want to be careful when feeding your furry friend.

There are a variety of tea out there that can be safe to humans buy harmful to dogs, so before feeding your schnoodles make sure to consult with your veterinarian for advice regarding the situation. It’s always a good idea to know what human food your dog can and cannot eat.

What Should I Do If My Schnoodle Drinks Tea?

The truth to be told is that we don’t ever think your schnoodles will drink enough tea to cause any harm to themselves. So, if they have taken a slurp of yours, there is absolutely no need to be concern.

The only reason we would recommend calling the vet is if they drink iced tea sweetened with Xylitol. This need quick medical attention.

If your dog is young, it is best to be on the safe side if they drink tea by contacting the vet. Your veterinarian would be the one to judge what’s happening, rather than you doing it yourself and not doing a good job.

Should I Give My Schnoodle Tea?

Even though it is absolutely safe for dogs to drink tea, we think the only drink your dog will need is some clean, fresh water as this should be enough. We definitely don’t see the reason for feeding dogs tea.

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