Can Schnoodle Eat Cat Food? Learn The Facts!

If you have a Schnoodle then you might realize how excited they are about eating cat food. But, is it actually safe to feed your dog cat food? While feeding your dog cat food will not likely to cause them any harm, it shouldn’t be offered to your furry friend on a regular basis. There are reason why you have cat food different from dog food as they both serve different purposes.

In this article, we are going to explain everything you need to know about Schnoodle and whether or not it is safe for them to eat cat food.

Can Schnoodle Eat Cat Food?

We don’t think it would be a good idea to feed your Schnoodle cat food. Though it’s unlikely for cat food to cause any harm to your furry friend, there are significant differences between the nutritional requirements of dogs and cats which is why you wouldn’t want to make it a thing for your dog to regularly eat cat food.

Why is Cat Food Bad For Dogs?

Upon looking at the ingredients of both cat and dog foods, you will notice a huge difference between both products. The reason for this is because there is a fundamental distinction between the eating habits and nutritional needs of dogs and cats.

It’s safe to say that cats are very much carnivores which means that they only require most of their nutrition to come from meat protein, while dogs on the other hand is said to be omnivores meaning that have a more balanced due to the fact that they eat a mixture of meat and vegetables.

If somehow you should switch your dog to a cat base diet, then over a period of time you will start noticing a decline in their health. Some of the most common problems that comes with feeding your schnoodles cat food are:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Upset Stomach
  • Kidney issues

What’s the Difference Between Cat and Dog Food?

Can Schnoodle Eat Cat Food

As mentioned above, dogs in general are very well known to be omnivores which means that they consume both plant-based and animal-based ingredients. While on the other hand, cats are considered to be carnivores meaning that they mostly eat animal protein and fat requirements compared to dogs.

It is said that cats tend to require 11 essential amino acids which contributes to their over diet, whereas dogs only require 10.

In order to meet these requirements, commercial cat food must provide greater protein, fat and taurine concentration when compared to commercial dog foods.

Dogs tend to enjoy eating cat foods because the greater protein and fat contents makes it a lot more tasty, and fragrant, which causes it to exceed a dog’s nutrient requirements.

Is It Safe For Schnoodle to Eat Cat Food?

We don’t think it is necessarily a bad thing to give your dog cat food, just that we don’t think it is a good idea to substitute it for dogs food. It’s best to know that dogs who are actually battling cancer, experiencing weight loss and having a poor diet, eating cat food would be a great alternative for them.

The reason behind this is because cat food is very well known to have more calories per serving and even offer a more nutrient balance when compared to dog foods in general.

Another thing is that cat kibble is considered to be a healthier, well balanced treat or training rewards for dogs in comparison to human foods such as peanut butter, chicken or cheese.

Can Puppies Eat Cat Food?

If it’s a case where your puppy have taken the time out to sneak away dog food from time to time, then it shouldn’t be a problem. However, regularly feeding them cat food isn’t actually a good thing to do as puppies who are still in the development phase tend to need a nutritional balanced diet that’s suitable for their fast growth rate. Simply feeding your puppy cat food may lead to them being overweight and result in musculoskeletal issues.

How to Prevent Your Schnoodle From Eating Cat Food?

The most effective way to prevent your schnoodle from eating cat food is to separate them during food time. You can do this by simply moving your cat bowl to another room in the house or place the bowl at a higher location where your cat is capable of reaching like a counter, cat tree, washing machine or even on the top of a fridge.

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