Can Schnoodle Eat Cherries? Everything You Need to Know!

Cherries is an loved fruit by many people because of how tasty they are. These fruits are juicy, sweet and taste really good. Apart from being delicious, they are very well known to be healthy and nutritious. But is cherries safe for Schnoodle to eat? Are there’s any beneficial benefits that come with feeding your dog cherries?

The fact that cherries are delicious to eat even kids love to taste of it. In today’s article, we are going to take a look on whether or not cherries are safe for dogs to eat and the health benefits that comes with.

Can Schnoodle Eat Cherries?

Let’s start by saying that cherries are known to be packed with important vitamins, which is considered to be beneficial to us humans.

Yes, you can definitely feed your schnoodle cherries, but make sure to only feed them in moderation just be on the safe side. You can feed your furry friend cherries as long as it doesn’t contain the pit, has leaves and the stems are properly removed.

As long you take the time out to remove these parts, cherries can be a tasty treat that will bring forth a lot of health benefits to your furry friend.

The thing is that you must always try your best to keep the pit and stems away from your dog due to the fact that it contains a toxin that can possibly harm your dog. The problem with removing the pit is that you can easily spit it out rather than removing it manually, so it can be a bit challenging to feed your schnoodles cherries.

Can Schnoodles Eat An Entire Cherry?

Can Schnoodle Eat Cherries

It’s best to keep in mind that the out, stems and leaves of cherries tend to contain cyanide which is a known toxin that can severely affected your dog when consumed in large amounts.

With that said, if your dog have accidentally eaten a few cherries without your knowledge, it might be a case where nothing bad happens. The stems, leaves, and pit may result in your dog having an upset stomach which may lead to diarrhea or stomaches.

However, if your dog continuously eats cherries and have eaten too many, the pits might pile up in his intestines causing an intestinal obstruction which can lead to serious complications.

How to Properly Prepare Cherries For Your Schnoodle?

If it’s a case where you want your dog to try cherries just to see if they would like it and for them to try something new. Then you should start by getting yourself some fresh cherries. The fact that dogs shouldn’t be getting treats that has a lot of added sugar, you may want to avoid giving them maraschino cherry.

We think it would be best if you give them a fresh black cherry, however, make sure to remove the stems, leaves and pits from it. Though a single cherry pit will not cause your dog any serious health issues. But, since you know cherry pit is not good for your dogs, you should do your best to avoid feeding your dog any.

You should also ensure that it is properly wash before feeding them as the flesh of the cherry is perfectly fine for dogs to consume. Never feed them in large quanties as this is not a good idea. Even if cherries are safely consume, they can cause issues if your dog is given in large amount.

Are There Safer Alternatives?

Yes, there are safer options out there that your schnoodles can easily consumed without experiencing any serious health issues. We think blueberries would be a great option as well as peeled and pitted mangoes and apples without the core and seeds.

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