Can Schnoodle Eat Ice Cream? Get The Facts!

One thing you’ll find is that dogs actually enjoys eating anything as long as it looks to be consumable. So, there is no doubt that your furry friend would love to have a taste of that soft serve especially when it is hot outside. But, is it safe for schnoodles to eat ice cream?

Well, even though ice cream seems to be a great treat for your dogs that doesn’t mean that you should feed them any.

Can Schnoodle Eat Ice Cream?

Although it should be fine to let your schnoodle have a serving of ice cream, we still don’t think it is the right thing to do. The truth is that some dogs may seem fine after eating ice cream while others may experience stomachaches and other related illnesses.

Even though nothing happens to your dog after eating ice cream means that it is safe for them to eat. We don’t think dog’s should be fed ice cream since it’s known to carry more issues and discomfort. Another thing is that there are many other dog-friendly treats out there for your dog.

Why Dogs Shouldn’t Eat Ice Cream

Can Schnoodle Eat Ice Cream

Here are several reasons why you shouldn’t allow your Schnoodle to Eat ice cream.

1. They May Be Allergic

Let’s not forget that there are tons of food allergies out there that affect your dogs including dairy products. If somehow your is allergic to milk proteins, they may experience symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea and rashes after consuming it.

Whenever your dog starts to experience these symptoms the best thing you can do is to visit the vet. They will be able to figure out the issue and get it treated right away.

2. Lactose Intolerance

You may not know but as puppies, dogs tend to have lactose enzyme that provides them with the ability to processed milk. As they get older, their bodies starts to produce less. Their system doesn’t have the potential to digest milk after they have weaned.

Although you will find some dogs to be fine after drinking milk or other dairy products, others might experience mild to severe stomachache.

3. Ice Cream Flavors Could Be Toxic

There’s no doubt that some ingredients in the ice cream can be bad for your dogs. Chocolate can be harmful for dogs which is pretty much the same for other flavors that contains theobromine or caffeine. The thing is that a dog’s digestive system doesn’t have the ability to processed these compounds.

4. Ice Cream Can Cause Weight Gain

Ice cream is very well known to be rich in sugar, high in calories and high in fat. If you are constantly feeding your dog ice cream among other treats, make sure they are exercising as it can lead to them gaining weight over time.

It’s best to keep in mind that overweight dogs tend to have lots of health issues. Some dogs when overweight they may experience respiratory issues


We don’t recommend feeding Schnoodle ice cream as there are several risk that comes with doing so. The thing is that there are many different treats out there on the market that you can safely feed your furry friend without having to worry about their heslth being affected.

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