Can Schnoodle Eat Oranges? Everything You Need to Know!

Oranges are considered to be one of the most popular fruits out there, behind only apples and mangoes. There’s no doubt that citrus fruits are known to be healthy because they are packed with a large amount of vitamin C and other nutrients.

The good news is that oranges are not toxic to Schnoodles. Oranges are without a doubt fine to feed your dogs with but we only recommend doing so in small quantities, for example, one or two slices per day.

With that said, we are going to explain all you need to know about

Can Schnoodle Eat Oranges?

Yes, you can safely feed oranges to your Schnoodle but we only recommend doing so in moderation as this is the right thing to do. Not only are these fruits safe, but they are also beneficial in many ways when fed in moderation. If it’s the case where your dog eats too many oranges, it could eventually develop an upset stomach as well as other health issues.

Are Oranges Dangerous to Schnoodles?

Can Schnoodle Eat Oranges

While oranges are safe for Schnoodles to eat, they should not be given to dogs with diabetes as well as to overweight dogs. Even though the natural sugar in oranges are not that bad, it still can raise blood sugar in diabetic pups and can even lead to surplus calories if they are given in large amount.

Also, if your dog has a sensitive gastrointestinal system, it should not be fed oranges due to its natural sugar as well as the acidic nature of oranges. First, we think you should provide your dog with a small piece of orange just to see how they would react to it.

Make sure that you take the time to prepare the orange properly since some dogs may have a difficult time swallowing it. If the peels and seeds are still on the oranges, make sure to remove these parts to prevent any choking hazard from happening.

How Many Oranges Can Schnoodles Eat?

Providing your furry friend with one or two oranges a day should be good enough for them. However, the size of your dog may play a role in how their body digests oranges.

With that said, even though treats should not make up more than 10% of your dog’s daily calorie intake, it is said that the same amount of orange would compromise a higher proportion of a small pup’s daily calorie intake compared to a bigger dog.

Although it’s pretty much safe for puppies to eat oranges, they are more prone to gastrointestinal upset when compared to older dogs. This is why we think it is best to offer your pup a small number of oranges with the seeds and peels removed.

Another thing you may want to know is that oranges are known to be rich in dietary fiber, so if they are been fed in large amounts, it can cause digestion issues. So, if your Schnoodle is said to have a sensitive digestive system, you should be careful of the amount you are feeding them with.

Can Schnoodles Drink Orange Juice?

While giving your dog orange juice would be a way to prevent a choking hazard from happening, orange juice is not good for your Schnoodle to consume. Orange juice is widely known to have citric acid and natural sugar. It’s safe for your dog to avoid sugar at all costs since it can cause a wide range of health issues. So, if it’s a case where you want to keep your furry friend hydrated, then water is the way to go.

How to Serve Oranges to Your Schnoodles

When feeding oranges to your Schnoodle make sure to properly remove the seeds and peel them. Also, we don’t think you should give them the whole fruit, as it is best to divide it into segments.

You can freeze orange segments and feed them to your dog as a refreshing snack on warm days.

We don’t ever recommend giving your dog orange juices and other orange-flavored snacks as they are packed with artificial sugars and are very well known to be bad for dogs in general.

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