Can Schnoodle Eat Raw Meat? Yes, But in Moderation

It’s safe to say that Schnoodles can eat raw meat and you shouldn’t probably feed them it as well. In order to ensure that your dog have a balance diet, feeding them raw meat would make it complete. The thing is that there are a lot of misinformation out there in regards to dogs eating raw meat.

This tend to confuse many dog owners who want to make sure that their furry friend is being fed right. In this article, we will be explaining everything you need to know about feeding your dog a raw meat diet.

Can Schnoodle Eat Raw Meat?

Yes, you can definitely feed your schnoodles raw meat since it is what their body is built to eat. The thing is that raw meat tend to make a healthy and tasty treat or even be used as a nutritious ingredients in your dog’s diet since it is known to have protein.

Is a Raw Meat Diet a Balanced Diet?

Can Schnoodle Eat Raw Meat

There’s no doubt that raw meat diet can be balanced in order for it to meet your dogs complete nutritional requirements. One of the biggest theory you’ll probably hear is that raw meat diets aren’t balanced and doesn’t actually provide your dog with their nutritional needs.

You should probably know that feeding your Schnoodle a slice of pork won’t necessarily provide them with all their nutrients that helps for them to remain healthy. Let’s not forget that feeding your dog a raw diet isn t just about meat.

If you are planning on feeding your Schnoodle raw meat then you should take into consideration that they will need their regular food as well, so that they can get all the benefits that their body requires.

Can Schnoodle Get Sick From Eating Raw Meat?

Yes it’s possible for your schnoodles to feel uneasy from eating raw meat. There are many experts who claims that dog can contract salmonella and other bacteria after eating raw meat. The thing is that a healthy dog should be able to handle bacteria in the gut without any issue.

You may not know, but dog’s bodies are built to actually prevent bacteria like salmonella from attacking the body. Another thing to keep in mind is that dogs tend to have acidic stomachs, natural digestive enzyme and bile that helps a lot to process salmonella and other bacteria without them feeling ill.

Bacteria can be easily spread and most dog owners actually worries about the risk of it spreading in the home, especially among their children’s. But, it’s pretty much the same as if you were to prepare meat for your family, you can definitely avoid contamination by practicing proper hygiene.

Make sure all the utensils, dishes and surfaces are cleaned and also wash your hands at all times and teach your kids to do the same as this will prevent bacteria from spreading.

Is it Expensive to Feed a Raw Meat Diet?

Not if you don’t want it to be. However, when compared to kibble, commercial raw meat is known to be on the more expensive side. If it’s a case where you want to cut cost, then you may want to prepare the food yourself. Dogs can eat cheaper cut of meats, bones and other organs that doesn’t cost much.

Another thing you can do to save money is to purchase meat at your local butcher and take the time out to look for cheaper cuts if meat that can provide your Schnoodle with the right nutrients. You should also keep in mind that your dog will be much healthier on a raw meat diet, so you will probably visit the vet less frequently.

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