Can Schnoodles Eat Bananas? Continue Reading!

Giving your Schnoodles bananas to eat can be a superb treat, but it’s always a good idea to sit back and wonder whether or not banana is safe for your dog. The reason for this is that some human foods can be toxic to dogs, and it’s very important to know what is best to give your Schnoodles as a treat.

The thing is that dogs love to eat and they are not considered to be picky eaters which means that they pretty much eat anything you toss at them. Therefore, as a dog owner, it is essential to know what is safe for your dogs to eat and what should be kept away from them.

Can Schnoodles Eat Bananas?

The short answer to this question is – yes, it is pretty much safe for Schnoodle to eat bananas. You don’t ever have to worry about bananas being toxic to your dogs in any way. Not only is banana safe for Schnoodles but they are known to be extremely healthy as well.

However, when feeding your furry friend make sure to do so in moderation, otherwise, your dog may experience some stomach issues. It’s also best to keep in mind that every dog is different, so even though bananas are very well known to be safe for them, it doesn’t mean that all dogs will enjoy the taste of it.

This is why it’s important to introduce bananas to them slowly and wait to see how they react to it. If they seem to enjoy eating it, then you can continue feeding it to them in moderation just to be on the safe side.

How Many Bananas Should Schnoodles Eat?

Can Schnoodles Eat Bananas

The fact that bananas are considered to be high in sugar, you should be careful of the number of bananas you are feeding to your Schnoodle. There’s no doubt that your dog will be able to enjoy the benefits that come from the banana when given in small quantities, as feeding them a large amount at once may cause them to feel ill.

Apart from high sugar levels, bananas are also said to be a rich source of potassium. Even though potassium is known to be an important part of every diet once given in small quantities, eating too much of it may cause a serious condition called Hyperkalemia.

This is why we only recommend feeding bananas in small amounts. Also, the amount that you are feeding your dog will depend on his size, but a banana per week is good enough.

How Do I Serve Bananas to My Schnoodle?

The good news is that bananas can be served in many different ways, which means that you can be very creative with them.

The best way to serve bananas to your Schnoodle is by simply removing the peel and cutting the fruit into small pieces. You can even mash them together with some other healthy, tasty fruits. We don’t think it would be a good idea to give the whole fruit to your dog, due to it being high in sugar and potassium. Also, the bigger the piece is, the harder it is to digest for them.

You may want to feed your dog ripe bananas, not green ones. Your dog will get way more health benefits from the ripe banana and is much more likely to taste even better.


As you can see, it is pretty much safe for you to feed bananas to your Schnoodle, but make sure to only do so in moderation just to prevent your dog from feeling unwell. Bananas are very well known to be rich in potassium, vitamins, and fiber and are extremely effective for regulating bowel movements.

We also appreciate the fact that bananas can be served in many different ways, which means that you can even stuff a toy with them just to be creative.

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