Can Schnoodles Eat Cucumber? Learn The Truth

It might be a case where you are planning on preparing a sandwich and your dog accidentally grab a piece of cucumber or you are just looking for a healthy treat for your dog and is wondering if cucumber would be a great choice. Since humans are capable of eating cucumbers, is it also safe for schnoodle to eat?

Keep reading to find out if it is safe for dogs to eat cucumbers so you know whether you need to toss your pup a few slices every now and then.

Can Schnoodles Eat Cucumber?

Yes it is safe to say that schnoodle can without a doubt eat cucumber but you should only feed them in moderation. It’s best to know that these amazing vegetables are packed with 96% water and also contain some minerals and vitamins which makes them a healthy treat for your dog.

Becareful when feeding your schnoodle cucumber because giving them too much can lead to them having digestive problems. Also, you should take the time to consult your veterinarian before introducing them to any kind of new food.

Once you’ve received the go ahead from your veterinarian, then you can take the time out to feed your dog in moderation.

How Are Cucumbers Good For Schnoodles?

Can Schnoodles Eat Cucumber

Let’s start by saying that cucumbers are 96% of water which makes them the perfect hydrating treats for dogs. Apart from that, they are low calorie treats, which makes them superb for dogs who’s on a weight loss journey.

Not only that, but cucumbers also have vitamin K, which plays a role in keeping your dog’s bones strong and healthy. They even have vitamins and minerals that help keep your dogs liver and kidney functioning properly as well.

Cucumbers is said to contain phytochemicals and phytonutrients that can help to prevent bad breath from happening. However, not because you’re feeding your dog cucumber that mean you should refrain from brushing their teeth, but it can definitely help with dogs who are suffering from smelly breath.

How Many Cucumbers Can Schnoodle Eat?

If it’s a case where you are wondering how often can you feed your dog’s cucumber, then it is safe to say that veterinarians recommend that you follow by the 10% rule. You should only feed cucumber as a form of treat not a replacement food.

With that said, cucumbers should not make up more than 10% of a dog’s daily diet. If somehow you have different sized dogs, then the amount you feed them may vary at this point.

Even though cucumbers are considered to be harmless, you should only feed your dog a small amount and watch if there is any form of adverse reactions.

How Can I Safely Feed Cucumber to My Schnoodle?

The first thing you may want to do is consult your vet because they will be able to tell you how much cucumber is safe for dogs to consume.

Before giving your schnoodle cucumber make sure that it is properly wash just to be on the safe side. You should also take the time out to cut it into small pieces since giving them in large size may lead to choking hazard which can be bad for dog’s.

Make sure that the cucumber skin are removed as your dog may have a difficult time in digesting them. Though feeding them with skin will not cause any harm to your dog overall health.

In order to be on the safe side when feeding your dog is to only do so in moderation, as too much of this hydrating vegetable can result in your furry friend having gastrointestinal upset.

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