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First let’s start by saying that eggs are very well known to be a great source of protein. They can be prepared in many different ways such as boiled, scramble or fried, they’re are normally prepared for breakfast and can be placed and served within a burger. However, if the egg is raw or even uncooked, it can be a bit risky since you’re likely to be exposed to dangerous bacteria, such as salmonella. Is it the same for schnoodles?

If you enjoy eating eggs for breakfast, then there are days when you would like to share some of that breakfast with your furry friend. But, is it safe for schnoodle to eat eggs?

In this article, we are going to explain whether or not eggs are safe for dog’s to eat and the amount you can feed to them.

Can Schnoodles Eat Eggs?

The good news is that you can actually feed eggs to your furry friend without having to worry about them experiencing any side effects. Eggs are said to be high in protein and also contain various types of fatty acids and essential amino acids. What this does is make egg a tasty and healthy treat when cook or boiled.

Feeding your dogs egg will help them if it’s a case where they are experiencing upset stomach. Though you shouldn’t feed eggs to your dog as a main meal, it can be used as a great occasional treat.

Why Are Eggs Beneficial to Schnoodles?

Can Schnoodles Eat Eggs

As mentioned above, eggs are healthy in its own unique way. It is considered to be rich in protein, vitamin D, and calcium – just to name a few. Plays actually helps in regards to building muscle, strength the hair and repair tissue. Apart from that, eggs are a great source of:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B12
  • Minerals
  • Amino acids
  • Selenium
  • Riboflavin
  • Iron

There’s no doubt that eggs are among the cheapest food you can think of and because of all its benefits, it made the list of the best treats for dogs in general.

Can Eggs Have Side Effects?

Even though eggs are known to be on the healthy side, they can still lead to some side effects. This is very much the case if you’re not taking the time out to only feed your dog in moderation.

Feeding your schnoodles too much eggs can lead to them experiencing weight gain and the reason for this is because eggs are rich in fat. The fat is known to be in the egg yolk. Another thing is that your dog might begin to pass gas after eating eggs. Even though it isn’t a bad thing, it’s still good to know in case you start to smell something funky.

Lastly, eggs tend to contain enzyme inhibitors which can be found mostly in egg whites. It can cause your dog to have digestive issues if not given in moderation. This is why you shouldn’t overdo feeding your dog eggs right throughout the week.

Can Schnoodles Eat Raw Eggs?

Although eggs are safe for your dogs in general, not the same can be said about raw eggs. The truth is raw eggs can result in your dog having salmonella, which can eventually spread back to their pet parents, especially those with weaker immune system.

With that said, if your dog have somehow eaten raw eggs, then we don’t think it is a good idea to panic. If it’s a case where they are eating it for the first time, they may begin to vomit or experience diarrhea because their digestive system isn’t accustomed to it. If you starts to notice these issues, we strongly believe you should consult your vet.

Once they have consumed raw eggs, we think it is best if you monitor their health for a week or two. If you notice your dog is experiencing a more serious illness such as lethargy, digestive issues, or pale gum, make sure to contact your vet immediately. These might be signs that your dog has contracted either food poisoning or salmonella.

How Do I Serve Eggs to My Schnoodle?

By now, you might start to wonder what’s the best way to actually serve eggs to your schnoodle. The best way to actually do this is to give your dog the same eggs that you have already prepared for yourself.

You can start by just feeding your dog one egg and watch them for any signs. As long as you don’t see any digestive discomfort, you shouldn’t have no problem giving them eggs. In general, dogs shouldn’t eat more than one eggs per day.

Remember when feeding your dog eggs you should treat it like a treat. Giving your dog cook egg on every now and then is perfectly fine and we can guarantee that they will enjoy eating it as well.


There’s no doubt that you can safely feed your dog’s eggs in any form you want, whether it is boiled, scrambled or fry. Eggs are very well known to be a great source of protein, calcium and vitamins. However, as with all food your feeding your dogs with, eggs should be given in moderation and shouldn’t replace your dog regular food either.

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