Can Schnoodles Swim? The Shocking Truth!

Unlike cats, the truth is that many dogs like to be in water which is the same for Schnoodles. They will definitely enjoy playing in the pool or even lake l, even running at the waves in the ocean. However, not all dogs love water as some prefer to be on dry land at all times.

Can Schnoodles Swim?

Yes, Schnoodles enjoy swimming and they love being in the water. The thing is that most Schnoodles are born to swim and adore running around rivers. However, there are some Schnoodle that despised water and doesn’t like to get wet.

Early Exposure to Water

To get your Schnoodle to be water-friendly, you will need to let them have early experience with swimming. After you’ve first taken them home, it’s always best to dip them in a pool or tub so that they can have early exposure.

They should start having fun in the water at an early stage and keep in mind that they won’t be able to do much since they are still a pup. You can even invest in a small baby pool.

Make it Easy For Your Pup

At this point, you should make it easy for your dog so he can get in and out of the water when they want to. You can invest in a small pool or use a large pool that has steps he can use when necessary.

You should let your dog go in and have fun make sure you’re nearby in case something goes wrong. As time goes by he will get comfortable and in no time will be jumping in and out with ease.

Can Schnoodles Swim

Make it Fun For Your Dog

One of the most effective ways to let your dog enjoy swimming is to play games with them in the water. You can start by playing fetch which is known to be a fun activity that you’ll enjoy. You should bring your favorite ball or squeeze toy with you. You can start by throwing the water in shallow areas of the water where they can access the ball with ease.


You should always keep an eye on your furry friend while he’s swimming around, it’s never a good idea to leave him unattended. Another thing you may want to do is avoid areas that tend to have currents or rough water. If the water body is large, then ensure that your dog has safety gear.

This is why we always recommend starting with a pool that has steps as it is much better for puppies. Another thing is to get a small baby pool or find a lake nearby.

Training Your Schnoodle is Very Important

We all know by now that Schnoodles are intelligent dogs who love to please their owners and can be easily trained. When it comes to swimming, we highly recommend that you take the time out to properly train your furry friend just to be on the safe side.

This is very important, especially if you are planning on taking your Schnoodle to the beach. At this point, your dog should be very familiar with commands, so they should know to come back when called to do so. This is essential for when he’s swimming out into the water that might be too deep for him.

My Schnoodle Doesn’t Like the Water

This isn’t new as all dogs tend to have different temperaments, so your Schnoodle might be a part of the small percentage of dogs who don’t enjoy being in the water not even for a minute.

Apart from that, some dogs don’t mind standing in it up to their legs, but won’t feel the desire to take a swim.

With that said, we don’t think it would be a good idea to force your dogs to do something they are not happy with it they are just afraid of the water. The thing is that not all dogs are fascinated with water and that’s fine.

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