Do Cockapoos Get Along With Guinea Pigs and Rabbits? Find Out

If it’s a case where you have a guinea pig or rabbit as apart of your family and you are wondering if it is safe to get a cockapoo, then you are at the right place because I will be explaining everything you need to know about cockapoo, guinea pig and rabbits.

The worst thing you can do is to bring a pet home that doesn’t get along quite well with the pets you already have.

With that being said, guinea pigs and rabbits are amazing pets and there are several case where people have their rabbits roaming around the house without their supervision.

Do Cockapoos Get Along With Guinea Pigs and Rabbits?

Do Cockapoos Get Along With Guinea Pigs and Rabbits

The short answer is yes. Due to the fact that cockapoos are considered to be extremely friendly, playful, energetic and their temperament makes them the perfect fit. There’s no doubt that cockapoos tends to get along quite well with other household pets including guinea pigs and rabbits.

Here are a variety of things that you’ll need to take into consideration if it’s a case where you’re planning on bringing a cockapoo to meet your guinea pig and rabbits.

Introduce Your Cockapoo

The first thing you’ll want to do is to introduce your cockapoo to your other pets at home since these dog breeds are known to be very social. When it is time for introduction we highly that there are two people available, one to hold the dog while the other hold the guinea pig and rabbits which prevent any escalation from happening.

Once the behavior is right between your cockapoo and the rabbits, what you can do is provide your dog with a few treats to show some sign of appreciation.

Make Sure the Environment is Safe

During the introduction stage, we highly suggest that you do this at a position where both pets will be seeing each other on a regular basis. Somehow this might be in your garden or even in your house.

We think it would be a good idea to hold your dog and have him sniff your rabbits and guinea pigs. Make sure to hold him tight so that he doesn’t stand a chance to bite.

Once the introduction is over and your cockapoo is now comfortable with your guinea pig and rabbit, then you can let them stay in the same environment so that they can eventually get use to eachother company. After spending time with eachother, you’ll now have the chance to leave them alone for a while.

Make sure to check up on them on a regular basis just to ensure that everything is going according to plans. Even though cockapoos are known to be on the more friendly side, they will take some time to actually get along with your guinea pig. The good news is that these pets are great for eachother.

The thing is that once your cockapoo is comfortable with other pets being around, you don’t have to worry about anything even when you leave them unsupervised.


We highly recommend that you take the time out to socialize your dog’s with other pets. We appreciate the fact that cockapoos are energetic and playful at the times. When introducing both pets you’ll need to have patience in order to make things work out the best way possible.

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