Do Bernedoodles Drool? Everything You Need to Know

One question that many potential Bernedoodle owners may have is whether or not these dogs drool.

The short answer is that Bernedoodles do drool, but not as much as some other breeds. While Bernese Mountain Dogs are known for their heavy drooling, the Poodle side of the Bernedoodle mix tends to balance this out. This means that Bernedoodles are not typically heavy droolers, but they may still drool on occasion.

If you are considering getting a Bernedoodle, it is crucial to understand the potential for drooling and to be prepared for it. While it may not be a major issue for most owners, it is something to keep in mind when selecting a breed of dog. By understanding the drooling tendencies of Bernedoodles, you can make an informed decision about whether or not this breed is right for you.

Do Bernedoodles Drool?

Bernedoodles are a popular breed of dog that are known for their friendly and loyal personalities. One question that many potential owners have is whether or not Bernedoodles drool. The answer is not straightforward, as drooling can vary depending on a number of factors.

Factors that Affect Drooling

Do Bernedoodles Drool

One factor that can affect drooling in Bernedoodles is genetics. Some Bernedoodles may inherit more drooling tendencies from their parent breeds, while others may not drool much at all. Not only that but age and size can also play a role. Puppies and younger dogs may drool more than older dogs, and larger dogs may produce more saliva than smaller dogs.

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How to Minimize Drooling

If you are concerned about drooling in your Bernedoodle, there are a few things you can do to minimize it.

First, make sure your dog is well-hydrated, as dehydration can lead to excessive drooling. Apart from that, keeping your dog’s mouth clean and healthy can help prevent drooling. Regular dental care, including brushing and professional cleanings, can help keep your dog’s mouth free of bacteria and other irritants that can cause drooling.

Medical Conditions that Cause Excessive Drooling

In some cases, excessive drooling in Bernedoodles can be a sign of an underlying medical condition. For example, dental problems, such as gum disease or tooth decay, can cause drooling. Other medical conditions, such as nausea, motion sickness, or anxiety, can also lead to excessive drooling. If you are concerned about your Bernedoodle’s drooling, it is important to speak with a veterinarian to rule out any underlying medical issues.

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As you can see, Bernedoodles are not known for excessive drooling. They may drool when they are excited or see something tasty, but it is not a common occurrence. However, there are some factors that may cause them to drool excessively, such as poor mouth or dental health, nausea, gastrointestinal distress, and car sickness.

It is safe to say that every dog is unique and may have different drooling habits. Some Bernedoodles may drool more than others, and it is essential to monitor their behavior and seek veterinary care if necessary. Not only that but providing proper dental care and a healthy diet can help prevent excessive drooling and maintain good oral health.

With that said, Bernedoodles are friendly and affectionate dogs that make great family pets. While drooling may not be a significant concern for most Bernedoodle owners, it is essential to be aware of the potential causes and seek appropriate care if necessary. With proper care and attention, Bernedoodles can live happy and healthy lives with their loving families.

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