Do Bernedoodles Have Undercoats? And How Can I Tell?

Let’s start by saying that bernedoodle dog breed actually come from the Bernese Mountain dog and the poodle dog. When it comes to their coat it tends to vary in color, thickness and consistency. You’ll find that some bernedoodles puppy may get the same coat as poodle while some may have the same coat as the bernese mountain dog.

If we take a look at their coat color you will notice that it varies since some are black, black & brown, black & white, or a tri-color which is a mixture of black, brown and white. One thing you will reconsider is that tri-color has a more resemblance to the bernese mountain dog. Most people actually prefer this coat type more when compared to the others.

Do Bernedoodles Have Undercoats?

The answer is yes, bernedoodles do have an undecoat. But the thing is that most dog breeds tend to have two types of coats an undercoat or an overcoat. When it comes to bernedoodles, they only have an undercoat, which is considered to be their hair coat. What you will notice is that the bernedoodles start to lose some of their hair during pup stage, while as they age their hair coat begins to fade.

In order to prevent your bernedoodle from being fade, you must first choose the poodle parent who don’t have fading genes.

It’s best to keep in mind that bernedoodles actually has three different types of coat including curly coat, straight coat and wavy coat.

Do Bernedoodles Have Undercoats

Curly Coat

Let’s start by saying that curly coat bernedoodles are the most hypoallergenic when compared to the other bernedoodles. You may notice that the curls are usually tight, which is similar to poodle. Even though these coats do shed, the hair will not drop on the floor.

The biggest con with these types of coat is the fact that they require trimming and brushing on a regular basis. If it’s a case where you are suffering from allergies, then these types of bernedoodle might be the one for you. However, if you don’t like shedding in general, then you can opt for a more curly dog.

Straight Coat

When it comes to bernedoodles the straight coat type is the least hypoallergenic compared to the other breeds. In terms of shedding, these types of bernedoodle tend to shed the most so, if it’s a case where you are suffering from allergies, then these dog breeds might be a problem.

You may notice that straight hair bernedoodles tend to have some waves in them and the length of the hair as a lot to do with the parent’s hair length. Apart from that, these types of bernedoodle are not common as the curly and wavy hair bernedoodles.

Wavy Coat

These types of bernedoodle are very common as you will find that most bernedoodles have wavy coat. They are also considered to be the best for people with allergies since they doesn’t really shed compared to the other types.


We are a huge fan of bernedoodles and their coats. The good news is that you can get a bernedoodle with all these amazing features but the thing is that you will need to take proper care of them in order to maintain their coat. Grooming is very essential as it plays a role with dogs overall health and looks.

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