Do Bernedoodles Play Fetch? Continue Reading to Find Out

Bernedoodles are an amazing dog breed that’s friendly and loyal to have as apart of your family. They’re known to be very energetic and are actually fun to play with at all times. Bernedoodles enjoy having their owner company around them. But would bernedoodle enjoy a game of fetch?

Do Bernedoodles Play Fetch?

Do Bernedoodles Play Fetch


You will definitely find that most bernedoodles will actually enjoy playing a game of fetch with their owners or family members. Most bernedoodle takes the time out to play fetch with their dogs as this would eventually in terms of creating a strong bond and provide a mental and physical stimulation for your furry friend.

Not only that, but playing fetch can also decrease the risk of your dog having diseases such as obesity, heart disease, arthritis and joint problems.

Why Are Bernedoodles Good At Playing Fetch?

One thing for sure is that bernedoodle are energetic and enjoy having fun. When it comes to making sure their owners are happy, you can always count on bernedoodles. There’s no doubt that they make the right partner for playing fetch.

How Do I Train Bernedoodle to Play Fetch?

When it comes to fetch there are lots of benefits that comes with training your dog on how to play it properly. Training your bernedoodle will likely be a lot of fun, so not only will it be a bit challenging but you will also enjoy doing it.

With that said, there are several ways in which you can train your bernedoodle. Fortunately, due to the fact that bernedoodles are easier to train, you don’t have to worry about putting too much energy.

Keep Them Occupied

Due to the fact that bernedoodles are considered to be a bit more on the intelligent side, they always enjoy staying occupied. If it’s a case where you are planning on make your dog happy, keeping them engaged is best thing to do.

Let’s not forget that bernedoodle doesn’t actually sees fetch as an exercise they tend to view it as a form of treat and you can even use fetch as a way of teaching them tricks.

Reward Your Bernedoodle

When it comes to training your bernedoodle the first thing you will need to find is what motivates your dog. In cases like these, you will find that some dogs like fruits while others enjoy eating chicken.

In situations like these, we highly suggest that you choose your dog’s favorite treat and use it as a reward. You can also take the time out to use their favorite toys as well.

You don’t have to necessarily rush anything at this moment because over time your dog will eventually learn how to play fetch, so you can just start off with the basic.

Make Use of Instructions

What you can do is use instructive words like “Sit,” “fetch,” so your bernedoodle will actually understand your commands as times goes by. Once you are seeing any form of improvement while training your dog, you can toss them a treat as a reward.

Keep in mind that bernedoodles are smart compared to other dogs and if it’s a case where you are punishing them while trying to teach them, they might start disliking the sport. So, this is why we think it is best to keep rewarding them in the best way possible.

To get them hyped and feeling good within, you can start calling their name and clap your hands. This will encourage and show them that you are ready to play.

Benefits of Teaching a Bernedoodle to Play Fetch

There are a wide range of benefits that comes with training your bernedoodle to play fetch. First of all, playing is very beneficial since it helps to increase the bond with your dog, encourage them to follow instructions and is a superb mental stimulation and exercise.

Regularly playing fetch with your bernedoodle will help prevent diseases such as obesity, heart disease, joint disease and arthritis.

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