Do Bernedoodles Snore? Everything You Need to Know!

We all tend to enjoy watching our little friend sleep but what we don’t like is when they snore like a train. Having a dog that snore can sometimes be a bit difficult and not only does this take away from their cuteness, but it can be a bit concerning since you’ll be wondering what causes it to happen or if it is normal.

Do Bernedoodles Snore?

Similar to humans you will find that some bernedoodles snore too. It is onething to have a partner next to you that snore but having a dog can sometimes be worst. The reason behind your dog snoring has to do with their breathing. Just as us humans, it is usually related to restriction in the airflow that passes through our nose and throat.

Is It Normal For Bernedoodles to Snore?

Do Bernedoodles Snore

The short answer is absolutely yes, but it is not always the case. The good news is that most of the times snore can be normal and even harmless. However, there are some cases where snore can be a sign of an underlying health concern. The best thing you can do is consult your vet.

What Causes Bernedoodles to Snore?

As mentioned above, the main reasons behind your dog snoring as to do with airflow restriction in the nasal passage and throat. What you’ll need to know is what exactly causes the restriction in airflow. Here are several factors that messes with the airflow and causes snoring to happen.

  • Obesity: It’s best to know that dogs that is overweight tend to have extra fat in their necks that obstruct the airflow which may cause snoring to happen. What you can do is help your dog to lose weight.
  • Allergies: This is usually one of the main reasons behind your dog snoring since it causes nasal passage to enlarge and have inflammation. The swelling may lead to the nasal passage to become narrow, restricting the airflow.
  • Common cold: This might just be the culprit behind your dog snoring because common cold can actually flare up the nasal cavity and restrict airflow.
  • Hypothyroidism: It’s best to keep in mind that snoring is often a sign of hypothyroidism within your bernedoodle. This condition usually occur when the thyroid gland isn’t capable of producing the right amount of hormones that regulates metabolism and may even require medication to treat the issue.

Why Does My Bernedoodle Snore So Loud?

It is safe to say that your dog snoring will become louder as the airway become narrower. With that said, the thinner the airway, the louder your dog snoring will become.

Dog Snoring While Awake

There’s no doubt that dogs usually snore when they are asleep. However, if it’s a case where your dog is snoring while being awake, then the condition is literally the same to the ones that causes your dog to snore while being asleep.

The thing is that ingesting or simply inhaling a foreign object might be the cause behind an obstruction to occur causing your dog to sound similar to as if he was snoring. What you can do is use a tweezer to remove the object. If somehow you are unable to do it at home, then the best bet is to bring your dog to the vet and have it removed by a professional. There are cases where  anesthesia or even surgery might be required.

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