Do Cavapoos Have Fur or Hair? What’s The Difference

This is a very common question asked by our readers and you may have even heard some dog owners talking about the differences between hair or fur when it comes to dog’s costs.coats.

That might lead you to wonder whether your cavapoo has hair or fur and whether that matters if they do. You even have some people stating that one coat type is more prone to hypoallergenic than the other.

Do Cavapoos Have Fur or Hair?

It is safe to say that cavapoos have hair, not fur. While you will find that most dogs out there have fur, cavapoos on the other side is said to have hair. Cavapoos is known to have a single layer coat that doesn’t actually shed. Apart from that, their hair can actually respond and adopt to hormonal changes to their body, which is similar to human hair.

Hair vs Fur: What’s the Difference?

Do Cavapoos Have Fur or Hair

In order to know if your dog has hair or fur is to test it through touch and sight.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that hair tends to be longer in length than fur. Hair tends to go through a longer growth cycle, and the longer the growth cycle is, the less the hair will shed. Not only that, but hair feels a lot smoother and finer to touch when compared to fur.

Hair can also be wavy, straight, curly and the curly hair is known to be the ones that is likely to trap the hair that shed, which gives the appearance that these dogs doesn’t actually shed much because the hair isn’t floating around the house.

With that said, hair usually form in a single layer, so when feeling, you’ll notice that the top of the hair doesn’t feel much different than it would closer to the skin.

When it comes to fur, it is normally on the shorter side and more denser. It doesn’t have the same growth cycle as hair, since its cycle is considered to be shorter so that it can shed and actually grow in thicker during the cold months.

There is no doubt that fur sheds more easily than hair would and the thing is that you won’t find the coat to trap the fur that shed as frequently as the hair would. Because of this you can expect to start cleaning off fur off your clothes and furniture.

Do Cavapoos Have Double Coat?

Even though you may notice that some of them have thick fur, they are still known to be single coated dogs. The biggest downside that comes with not having a doubled coat is the fact that it offers less protection which means that they can be easily affected by hot and cold weather conditions.

Due to the fact that their fur is not waterproof, you can expect rain and snow to easily decrease the insulating capacity of the coat. Another thing you should keep in mind that dogs that has a single layer fur are more prone to experience ticks and other insects that can cause danger.

Color Change

As your dog grows you can expect their color to either stay the same or it could either fade to a much lighter color. While they are growing the fading process will take some time to occur. The gene that your cavapoo inherit from their poodle parents will determine if their coat will lighten as they grow older. The gene that usually causes this to occur is said to be the fading gene, but there is no need to worry as it won’t cause any harm to your furry friend.

The typical color of cavapoos white, golden, fawn, brown and cream. When they are two colors, you can expect them to have fawn and white, or brown and white. While there are some dogs out there with three different colors, they are very much rare to see.

Is Cavapoos Good For People With Allergies?

Due to the fact that cavapoos has hair and not fur, you have lots of people who want to know the difference between dog with hair and fur so they can find our if their cavapoo is hypoallergenic or not. Let’s start by saying that it is not always the hair or fur that causes allergies.

The main culprit behind allergies is stem from dander and compounds in the skin and saliva of dogs. This is why it doesn’t really matter if your dog have hair or fur. It is said that dogs actually produce the same amount of allergens which means that it doesn’t matter the coats.

So, Are Cavapoos Hypoallergenic?

Let’s not forget that no dog is completely hypoallergenic. The thing is that they all produce compounds that may lead to allergic reactions in humans. However, if you are constantly suffering from allergies, then dogs with curly hair may actually be the best choice. The reason for this is because their coats tend to trap the allergens instead of spreading it around the house.

How to Care For Hair or Fur?

There is no doubt that all dogs needs to be properly groomed, even though some tend to have greater needs than the others. In cases like these, we think it would be best to consult your veterinarian or groomer for advice regarding this situation.

With that said, hair is more prone to trap particles and dead follicles more easily than fur. As you can see, this can be a lot more beneficial when it comes to cleaning up your home, as they don’t shed much often.


Cavapoo tend to have hair and not fur, the main difference you’ll notice is the speed of growth. When it comes to hair on cavapoo they can actually grow to a long length without you having to experience any form of shedding. However, it is not the same for fur, as it only grows to a certain length and shed more often. But, if you are constantly suffering from allergies, it is best to know that it is not the hair or fur that is causing the issues, it has a lot to do with the dander.

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