Do Cavapoos Like to Play Fetch? Get The Facts

I love playing fetch with my cavapoo, and I can guarantee that many of you do too. But do cavapoos like to play fetch? Or they do it just to ensure that we happy.

There is nothing sweeter than seeing your cavapoo dropping his/her most prized possession which is known to be their fetch ball at your feet.

Do Cavapoos Like to Play Fetch?

Yes there’s no doubt that cavapoos actually enjoy playing fetch because it gives them the opportunity to spend time with their owner while also being active and doing something that they eventually enjoy.

Due to the fact that they have an amazing personality, they tend to blend well when it comes to playing games and doing fun activities. Cavapoos age is a huge factor in terms of being active, so you can expect puppies to enjoy playing fetch the most.

Even though adult cavapoos also enjoy playing fetch, they will become bored and lose interest a lot quicker. Though you’ll have the option to switch up the toys or whichever item you use to play fetch. Not only will cavapoo fetch for their family, but will also enjoy doing so with new friends, and neighbors because of their friendly personality.

Apart from that it is safe to say that they have high energy, making fetch and other outdoor activities fun for them as it will help them to remain active and healthy. It’s best to keep in mind that cavapoos are just like other dog that like to play fetch and have a good time. It doesn’t matter the dog breed, they all enjoy sports and playtime especially when they are doing so with their love ones.

Although, all cavapoos are unique in their own ways, we know for sure that they have that playful spirit in them that is a characteristics that you’ll certainly find in all dog breeds out there. Whether your dog like to play fetch will not only depends on their age or health, the person they are playing with plays a very important role and where they are actually playing.

What Toys Are The Best to Play Fetch?

Do Cavapoos Like to Play Fetch

When choosing the best toys for your cavapoo, make sure you pick one that is high-quality that is known to be well made. Not only that, buy you will want to go with toys that is the right size and weight with amazing texture and maneuverability.

Make sure that you choose a toy that can be easily placed within your dog’s mouth (without the possibility of them swallowing it accidentally). The texture should also be flexible so that you can change the shape if it within your hands. This will provide your dog with the ability to grasp it securely before bringing it back to you.

How to Teach a Cavapoo to Play Fetch

In cases like these training your dog to play fetch is very important, but make sure that you start with positive affirmation. At this point you can use to treat or just by letting your dog knows he’s appreciated each times he completes each task during the training process. Talking to them in an exciting tone will cause your dog to feel superb during this period. When teaching your dog’s how to play fetch, you can follow these steps:

  1. The first thing you’ll have to do is get a toy that your dog will appreciated. For this we don’t it would be a good idea to repeat old toys, since new ones will bring excitement. While there are some dogs that don’t mind using a toy that are familiar with.
  2. Once you’ve secured the toy for your dog, then it is time to play a game of fetch. When it is time to do so make sure that you are in a positive mood because you’ll want the game to be exciting and you will have be energetic since most dogs actually mirror their owners personalities. If the owner gets in a energetic mood, then you can expect the dog to be this way too.
  3. Another thing is that you can start playing fetch from indoors just by rolling the object inside and your dog will likely move towards it just for the fun of it. Once your dog attend to the object that you’ve thrown or roll inside, you should praise him once he have successfully found it.
  4. You should come up with a command that indicates your dog that it is time to return. If it’s a case where your dog haven’t come back to you after fetching the toy you’ve thrown, try a motion or noise such as whistling, which will indicate your dog that it is now time to come back. Also, you can also call your dog by his name whenever he retrieve the fetch toy just to get his attention. Make sure that you are consistent with your choice of call and praise your furry friend when he gets the job done.

What to Do If My Cavapoo Will Not Fetch?

If it’s a case where your dog gets easily distracted while playing or they just doesn’t show any interest in playing fetch, it can become a bit overwhelming especially if you are in the mood to play. However, we don’t think you should show this frustration to your dog. What you can do is demonstrate excitement by rubbing on your dog belly, provide them with new treats, etc.

You can even increase the excitement for a game of fetch, by providing a change of environment to play in and introduce new toys to play with.

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