Do Cockapoos Bark A Lot? Everything You Need to Know!

It’s always great to have an energetic pet but when you live in a small space or where other people might be its good to be mindful of if your pet is making too much noise.

Most dog owners should know the feeling of being woke or disturbed by uncontrollable barking because there are breeds that bark alot and some are more quiet though some people might say that a dog barking is a sign of an unhappy dog.

It’s always good to know what you’re getting into beforehand so we’ll go through the Cockapoo to determine if they tend to bark alot more than others.

Do Cockapoos Bark A Lot?

Cockapoos are great at being family dogs mainly because they are made from mixing the adorable Poodle with the precious Cocker Spaniel thus giving you this bundle of joy Cockapoo. The Cockapoos love being outside and if you have neighbors nearby you don’t have to work, they are full of energy but aren’t known for barking alot without reason so they will even be fine in your apartment.

This breed comes from a mixture of dogs that were known to be hunting and working dogs, so they will always be full of energy. You’ll need to make sure they get alot of exercise outside because when they are left inside too long without any exercise they start to get bored and that is not good because they will try to get your attention. Dogs typically start running around inside or start barking alot when they aren’t getting the needed exercise but with the right training this can be fixed.

Reasons For Cockapoos Barking

Do Cockapoos Bark A Lot

Cockapoos come from a line of smart dog breeds so best believe they are just as smart. You’ll notice that they easily start to learn different commands very easily. Some say that if trained properly your Cockapoo can learn more than a Thousand words.

Whenever your Cockapoo barks you should understand that its try to express itself or interact with something or someone so sometimes we just have to try to understand what they need. It is very difficult to train your dog not to bark because of that but at the same times can be done by observing their body language and how they bark in order to understand.

Below i’ll be going through the most common reasons why your Cockapoo might be barking:

1. When They Are In Pain

If your Cockapoo is feeling pain you’ll notice that they will start to bark which is their way let others know that its hurt and needs help. Luckily this type of bark is easy to differentiate because you must’ve heard this when it gets accidentally hit or stepped on or sometimes even when its bath time.

If you start to hear this cry continuous and you don’t see any physical problem we’d advise you to take your Cockapoo to the vet so they can be examined.

 2. When They Want Your Attention

Young Cockapoos will seem alot more needy than more mature Cockapoos, not saying that they won’t always want it when they’re younger they just seem to make more of a fuss to get it. When they’re trying to get your attentions they’ll give you loud barks but if you notice the body language calm that means its not really trying to interact with each other but seeking attention.

Cockapoos love to play and be around others at all times they’ll be wanting all your attention and they’re so adorable yo can’t help but giving it to them. This is why they are such great family dogs because they’ll have enough energy and love to tire the entire family.

3. To Show Excitement or Joy

When dogs get excited or feeling extra happy you’ll notice that they start running around and giving a kindof subtle barking alot for instance, if you’ve been gone for a while or someone close to your dog is  gone for awhile you’ll notice that they start barking when they see that person again to show how excited/happy they are to see that person.

4. To Assert Dominance or Being Territorial

Dogs have always been known for being very territorial animals so they’ll start barking once they see anyone or anything new. It could even be someone that they see often on walks or passing your house they will start to defend their home. You’ll notice if they’re in defender mode they will growl and bark at the same time to show aggression.

5. When They Are Bored

Just as we get bored our dogs can too but we have phones and games to play with and they have us. When we aren’t around or giving them attention you’ll notice how they start to interact with their surrounding and will start barking at random objects.

You’ll have to make sure that they always have something to do so they’re kept busy and won’t have time to sit bark so its good that they have enough toys, I always love those little puzzle toys/feeders that gives them treats it always keeps they’re attention for a while.


Overall cockapoos are a great addition to the family because of how loving and energetic they are. Cockapoos do bark alot if they are seeking attention but they can be trained not to and once you’ve found a fix for this sometimes it can be toys or having someone to play with.

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