Do Labradoodles Like to Dig? The Shocking Truth

One of the most common complaint you might heard amongst dog owner is the fact that their furry friend has dug up their eye catching lawn or backyard plants. You might be wondering what’s the reason behind your labradoodle constantly digging up your plants and what’s the most effective way to prevent them from doing so.

With that said, we’ll be explaining everything you need to know about labradoodle and digging. So, continue reading to learn more.

Do Labradoodles Like to Dig?

The short answer is yes, labradoodle like to dig and it is actually the same for all dog breeds out there. It is known to be an natural instinct and it is something dogs find hard to ignore. However, there are dogs who enjoy digging more than others. There are cases where digging is considered to be an behavioral issue for your dog. The best thing you can do is to provide them with their own patch to dig so that they can avoid your plants and lawns.

Here are several reasons behind why your labradoodle might be digging around the yard.

Do Labradoodles Like to Dig

Your Dog is Looking For a Chill Spot

Most of the times your dog constantly dig around just to find a cool place where they can lie comfortably. By scratching the top layer of the surface, your dog will be more exposed to a cooler spot beneath where he will be able to relax.

Wanting to Hide Things

It might be that your dog is just looking for somewhere safe to hide his belongings that he considered to be important. It could be your dog favorite toys, a bone or something he has stolen and doesn’t want u to know about. We don’t really see nothing wrong with your dog trying to protect what’s his, but the digging is what’s troublesome.

Behavioral Disorders

The reason for your labradoodle constantly digging could be a form of behavioral issue. In this case your dog digging could be a form of destruction rather than their natural instinct and the reason behind this has to do with the owner instead of the dog. You should constantly take your dog for a walk because all dogs would love to burn off some energy, so if somehow you are not doing this as their owners, then you can’t blame your dog when he finds way to cope.

You may not know, but digging actually helps your dog to burn off energy. The good news is that you can easily fix this just by taking your dog for a walk in the neighborhood and spend some precious time with him.

Your Dog Enjoys Digging

You may have seen where your labradoodle dig just to get comfy. You might have even seen your dog digging or scrapping the bed before he lay down just to make sure the area is comfy. The thing is that this is perfectly natural and there is nothing you can do apart from just providing your dog with a nice place to sleep where he’s comfortable.

Is Digging Instinct or Behavioral?

Your dog digging mostly has to do with instinct. The reason for your furry friend to dig instinctively is just to make himself comfortable by digging a hole, hiding something that’s important to him or simply making a cool spot to laydown. You should keep in mind that dogs in general have prey drive which could be the reason behind them digging.

It’s best to know that your dog isn’t just digging to cause trouble or to make you annoy. Your dog aim is to please you in the best way possible. If your dog is bores, then he might dig around and this has to do with behavior. This is something you can prevent from happening by just walking your dog and spending quality time with him.

How to Prevent Your Labradoodle From Digging?

We definitely appreciate our labradoodle being our life, but we also want to prevent them from ruining our lawn and plants since we appreciate those as well. Though we cannot eliminate a dog natural instinct from them, we need to find other solutions in which we can use to prevent our dogs from digging.

The most effective thing you can do at this point is to provide them with a spot where they can dig and show them that digging is only fine at this designated area.


Our aim is not to try and remove our dogs natural instinct from them because that is not possible to do because they are dogs. So, the best thing to do is to find a solution to the problem by simply providing your dog with a area where they can dig in peace.

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