Do Labradoodles Shed More Than Goldendoodles? The Truth

Both labradoodles and goldendoodles are commonly known as hypoallergenic dogs. Both dogs do not really shed, which means that they do not go through the same shedding process as other dog breeds out there would.

However, the question is, do labradoodles shed more than goldendoodles shed? The two breeds are the most known doodle breeds in the dog family. Most people would love pets that do not shed especially those with allergies and asthma. The doodle breed has one of the coolest pets and can be trained within a short period.

The two breeds have different types of coats. When researching which sheds more than the other does, it is necessary to consider their coat type. A labradoodle is a breed acquired from a labrador retriever and a poodle. A poodle has no shedding process while a labrador retriever has short hair with high shedding ability.

On the other hand, a goldendoodle is a breed between a poodle and a golden retriever. The golden retriever has longer fur with a reported average amount of shedding. There are several factors to consider when looking into shedding of a number of doodles.

Do Labradoodles Shed More Than Goldendoodles

1. Coat Type

When talking about coats for the two breeds, consider the following four coats.

(i) A curvy Coat or F1B coat

The curls are almost similar to barrel curls and the curls are tighter. The curly coat dominates the poodle gene more than the other gene. Out of all coat types, the curled coat sheds the least. When taken good care of, it can be hard for the dog owner to notice shedding.

(ii) Wavy Coats

They have low shedding behaviors. The coat of the breed hangs more loosely and may drop off faster than the curly coat. It is easy to notice the dog shedding when petting it or when brushing its fur. The breed is considered hypoallergenic as it sheds, we can affect people.

(iii) Straight Hair

Doodles with these coats shed more than the curly and wavy coats. The straight hair shedding process is similar to those of regular breeds. The dog requires frequent brushing. It is advisable to use a unique brush to control the shedding process. The doodle matches other doodles shedding patterns. It is easy to notice the shed on the couch, carpets, and clothes.

(iv) Improper Coats

They lack any similar qualities that a doodle breed should possess. By taking a close look, it is hard for a person to confuse the improper coat breed with labradoodle or goldendoodle. The hair seems shorter and lacks furnishing along with their faces compared to other doodle breeds.

Breeding can produce a mixed type of coat, which determines the shedding amount. If you want to keep a dog, you can ask the breeder to help you find a fit breed with a shedding style that makes you comfortable.

2. Length of the Coat

This is another factor to consider when determining how your doodle sheds. Doodles with longer coats may shed more than those with shorter coats. In many cases, long hair tends to fall off when brushing a doodle. Doodle owners who do not like messy furniture and clothes from their doodle can brush frequently.

In most cases, goldendoodles have longer hair. Lack of hair management will contribute to more shedding. Goldendoodles have longer hair despite the type of coat. Therefore, in most cases, people tend to be convinced that golden doodle sheds more but it is not the case. As a doodle owner, keeping their hair short will help you in the management of the shedding amount.

3. Mode of Grooming

The way one groom a doodle will determine the amount of shedding. A highly maintained doodle has minimal or no shedding. A doodle needs brushing every day, and a curly doodle needs more brushing than the rest. When picking a brush ensure that it fits the coat type to produce the best results. For straight coat types, a de-shedding brush is highly recommended.

The dog needs to be washed whenever he is dirty. Dirt can highly influence shedding which is caused by clogging of glands. When washing, use a soft cloth and gentle shampoo to prevent hair from falling off.


Both goldendoodle and labradoodle shed similarly. The two come from breeds with similar coat types and shedding behaviors. The owners can control shedding for both doodles.

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